Current tariffs from Beeline in Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region in 2021: description, comparison, connection and disconnection.

Exchange minutes for gigabytes and vice versa

Previously, the TELE2 operator has already tested “dynamic tariffs”, when, depending on the client’s requirements, for the same subscription fee it is possible to have flexible configuration of packages.

Beeline offers three package options for “ALL 1-4” tariffs. For example, on the “ALL 1” tariff in Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region there are three package options for 330 rubles per month:

  • Option 1: 500 minutes and 10 Gigabytes
  • Option 2: 400 minutes and 12 Gigabytes
  • Option 3: 300 minutes and 14 Gigabytes

You can exchange not only minutes for gigabytes, but also SMS for traffic. Usually the package contains 300 SMS, which can be exchanged for 1 gigabyte of Internet.

For the “Absolutely EVERYTHING” and “Vseshechka” tariffs, the exchange of minutes for gigabytes and back is not available, and you also cannot exchange 300 SMS for a gigabyte of traffic.

Home Internet

Although mobile Internet is becoming faster and cheaper every year, it still cannot compare with home Internet. Therefore, if you need access to the network on your computer, it is better to use a wired Internet connection from Beeline rather than a USB modem. For this, residents of the Chelyabinsk region are offered two tariff plans, which differ only in speed and cost of use.

Homemade for 350:

  • users of this connection have access to Internet speeds of up to 40 Mbit/s during the day and up to 100 Mbit/s at night;
  • tariff prices – 350 rub.

Homemade for 500:

  • in this case, the network access speed at any time reaches up to 100 Mbit/s;
  • cost of use per month – 500 rub.

In addition to home Internet, you can purchase a subscription to the following antivirus programs: Kaspersky for 99 rubles/month, Eset NOD 32 for 89 rubles/month and Dr. Web for 59 rubles/month.

For new clients

Beeline regularly holds various promotions and offers profitable connections for new customers. However, at the moment, residents of Chelyabinsk do not have access to tariffs intended for beginners. But, given that they are available in other regions of Russia, it is quite possible that they will soon appear in Chelyabinsk.

Access to the general package of services for additional numbers

On the tariffs of the “EVERYTHING” line, you can divide the double traffic for payment for a month in advance between numbers and the included packages of minutes and SMS; to do this, add additional numbers in your personal account. For the tariffs “Absolutely EVERYTHING” and “ALL ALL 4” you can attach 5 numbers, for “ALL ALL 3” - 3 numbers, “ALL ALL 2” - 1 number. On the “Vseshechka” and “EVERYTHING 1” tariffs, access to the general package of services is not available.

Additional numbers are connected to the “Everything for the Family” , and if the main number runs out of money, they use communications at the rates of this tariff. The cost of calls in most regions is 0.25 rubles per minute to local numbers and within Russia. In this case, the Internet is not available. Traffic and minutes on the main number are added every first day of the month

Comparison of Beeline "EVERYTHING" tariffs in Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region

Subscription fee, rubles6.66 per day 180 per month11.67 per day 330 per month21.66 per day 630 per month30 per day 900 per month50 per day 1500 per month83.33 per day 2490 per month
Possible package options for minutes and internet300 min. and 3 GB 500 + 10 GB 400 + 12 GB 300 + 14 GB1400 + 20 GB 1200 + 24 GB 1000 + 28 GB2100 + 18 GB 1800 + 24 GB 1500 + 30 GB2500 + 20 GB 2000 + 30 GB 1500 + 40 GB5000 + 30 GB
Package of minutes (Standard)300 min. to home and Beeline numbers in Russia 400 min. to home and Beeline numbers in Russia 1200 min. to all Russian numbers and in roaming 1800 min. to all numbers in Russia 2000 min. to all numbers in Russia 5000 min. to all numbers in Russia
Calls to Beeline in RussiaFree If the package of minutes is overFree If the package of minutes is overFree If the package of minutes is overFree If the package of minutes is overFree If the package of minutes is overFree If the package of minutes is over
Calls to Beeline while traveling around RussiaFree when the package of minutes is exhaustedFree when the package of minutes is exhaustedFree when the package of minutes is exhaustedFree when the package of minutes is exhaustedFree when the package of minutes is exhaustedFree when the package of minutes is exhausted
Internet package (Standard)3 GB12 GB24 GB + “#EVERYTHING is possible” option24 GB + “#EVERYTHING is possible” option30 GB + “#EVERYTHING is possible” option30 GB + “#EVERYTHING is possible” option
SMS package and cost to any number in Russia2 rubles300 SMS further 2 RUR300 SMS further 1.5 RUR300 SMS further 1.5 RUR300 SMS further 1.5 RUR300 SMS further 1.5 RUR
Cost of SMS to foreign numbers from Russia5 rub/sms5.5 rub/sms5 rub/sms5.5 rub/sms5.5 rub/sms5.5 rub/sms
Cost of calls above the packageCalls to other operators in your home region: 2 rubles/min, within Russia 12 rubles/min.Calls to other operators in your home region: 2 rubles/min, within Russia 5 rubles/min.Calls to other operators in your home region: 2 rubles/min, within Russia 5 rubles/min.Calls to other operators in your home region: 2 rubles/min, within Russia 5 rubles/min.Calls to other operators in your home region: 2 rubles/min, within Russia 5 rubles/min.Calls to other operators in your home region: 2 rubles/min, within Russia 5 rubles/min.
Cost per minute in the CIS, Georgia, Ukraine30 rub./min30 rub./min30 rub./min30 rub./min30 rub./min30 rub./min
Cost per minute to the USA, Canada, Europe, Vietnam, China, Turkey50 rub./min50 rub./min50 rub./min50 rub./min50 rub./min50 rub./min
Cost per minute to other countries not listed80 rub./min80 rub./min80 rub./min80 rub./min80 rub./min80 rub./min
Link to full version of tariffs PDF

Everything is Mine - communication + internet

Tariffs from the “Everything is Mine” line allow you to gain access to large volumes of packages with communication services for a fairly low subscription fee. Moreover, all these tariffs are divided according to the devices for which they are intended. There are offers for mobile phones, tablets and USB modems. Each of these contracts has its own characteristics and advantages, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable connection option.

For phone

Most often, SIM cards are used specifically for mobile devices. Therefore, the largest number of profitable offers are intended for them. The “Everything is Mine” line contains 6 offers at once, which differ in the volume of services provided and the cost of use.

Characteristics of tariff plans.

Connection nameSize of packages with minutes and SMSSize of available Internet trafficMonthly feeConnection number
Everything is Mine 1400/30012 GB350 rub.0674000111
Everything is Mine 21200/30024 GB650 rub.0674000222
Everything is Mine 31800/30024 GB900 rub.0674000333
Everything is Mine 42000/30030 GB1500 rub.0674000444
All Mine5000/30030 GB2500 rub.0850
All for 1800 + roaming3000/300015 GB1800 rub.0674002017

Features of tariffs for phones from the “Everything is Mine” line:

  • subscribers can exchange available SMS and minutes for Internet traffic and back in any quantity and free of charge;
  • all services provided in packages remaining at the end of the month are not reset to zero, but are transferred to another month;
  • communication within the network (with Beeline subscribers) is free and does not consume minutes from the available packages;
  • it is possible to exchange steps for gigabytes by participating in the “Gigs for Steps” campaign;
  • you can connect additional numbers to share packages, in total you can connect from 1 to 5 numbers (the monthly fee for each number is 100 rubles).

Fee for using additional services:

  • purchasing an additional package, which contains 50 minutes available for communication on any Russian numbers, will cost 50 rubles;
  • purchasing Internet traffic in the amount of 100 MB will cost 50 rubles;
  • a minute of conversation in the local region will cost 2 rubles;
  • a minute of long-distance conversation will cost 5 rubles;
  • the cost of SMS is from 2 to 5 rubles. (depending on where the message is sent);
  • the cost of MMS is 9.95 rubles.

Subscribers using a mobile phone have access to another tariff “Vseshechka”. It has an extremely low cost of monthly use, but at the same time includes fairly large volumes of available services.

Tariff characteristics:

  • switching to the Vseshechka contract will cost 100 rubles. for those who have already changed their tariff in the current month (for all others, the transition is available free of charge);
  • The subscription fee is charged daily, and its amount is 6.66 rubles. or 200 rubles/month;
  • upon connection, the subscriber is given two packages containing 3 GB of Internet and 300 minutes for calls in the home region;
  • the default tariff includes the function of extending the package with minutes, according to which the subscriber is provided with 50 additional minutes for 50 rubles;
  • By default, the speed extension function is enabled, according to which the subscriber is provided with 100 MB of traffic for 50 rubles;
  • for a minute of communication in the home region with subscribers of other operators, a fee will be charged (if the provided volume of free minutes is exhausted) in the amount of 2 rubles;
  • long-distance communication will cost 12 rubles/min;
  • For sending SMS, a fee of 2 rubles will be deducted from the balance. for the local region and 5.5 rubles. intercity.

For tablet

Above were the tariffs intended for mobile devices. They can also be used on a tablet. However, the telecom operator Beeline offers tablet owners a more advantageous offer, called “Everything is Mine 1 for a tablet.” A subscriber who has signed up for such a contract will have access to a large amount of Internet traffic and will also be able, if necessary, to freely exchange it for minutes of communication and SMS.

Characteristics of the specified connection:

  • subscribers who changed their tariff this month will have to pay 100 rubles for switching to “Everything is Mine 1 for tablet”. (in other cases, there is no connection fee);
  • the fee for a month of use is 350 rubles.
  • after connection, the subscriber will be provided with Internet traffic, the volume of which is 16 GB;
  • users of the presented tariff have the opportunity to purchase unlimited access to social networks for 3 rubles/day;
  • packages with minutes are not included in this tariff plan, so you will have to pay for communication - 2 rubles/min (for local calls), 5 rubles/min (long-distance);
  • the cost of sending SMS is 2 rubles. (for local region) and 5 rub. (intercity).

For modem

For laptop and computer users, Beeline offers services to gain access to fast Internet. You can connect yourself to wired Internet (it will be written about below) or buy a USB modem and install the “Everything is Mine 2 for a computer” tariff. The cost of monthly use of this offer is 650 rubles. Among the advantages of this offer:

  • The SIM card can be used to make calls and send messages to any numbers, and for this you can exchange traffic for free minutes and SMS;
  • in the “Everything is Mine 2 for Computer” tariff, Internet traffic is not consumed for being on social networks and music services;
  • Thanks to participation in the “Gigs for Steps” campaign, you can get up to 3 GB of traffic per month for free.

Tariff description:

  • Internet traffic size is 32 GB (unused gigabytes are transferred to the next month);
  • if there is not enough traffic, then the “Auto speed renewal” function will provide the subscriber with 100 MB for 50 rubles. (function enabled by default);
  • without using this function, additional traffic will cost 9.95 rubles/MB;
  • for local communication a fee of 2 rubles per minute is charged;
  • for long-distance communication the fee is 5 rubles/min;
  • SMS cost – from 2 to 5 rubles. (depends on the region to which the message is sent).

Comparison of Beeline tariffs for tablets with tariffs without a monthly fee

Zero doubtsSecondEVERYTHING 1 for tabletEVERYTHING 2 for computerEverything for the family
Subscription fee, rubles0 per month0 per month350 per month650 per month0 per month
Cost of calls to home region numbers per minute1,21.2221
Calls to Beeline in Russia RUR/min.53221
Cost of calls to other operators in Russia1210551
Internet packageno, 1MB — 9.95 RURno, 1MB — 10 rub.16 GB32 GBMobile internet doesn't work
SMS to Home Region numbers rub.1,51,5221,5
SMS to mobile numbers in Russia rub.52,95555
Cost of a minute on Beeline when roaming in Russia5 rub5 rub5 rub5 rub1 rub
Cost of a minute in roaming in Russia12 rub.5 rub5 rub5 rub1 rub
Link to full version of tariffs PDF

Corporate rates

For cellular communications and Internet in the office, the usual contracts mentioned above are not suitable. For this purpose, Beeline has developed special corporate tariffs that also work in Chelyabinsk. With their help, you can use Beeline services at more favorable prices.

mobile connection

Every business needs mobile communications. It can be useful for communicating with clients, business partners, suppliers and for other purposes. In addition, by connecting to a corporate tariff from Beeline, you will be able to control the communication costs incurred by your employees.

To connect to corporate cellular communications from the specified operator, the “Everything for Business” line is available, which includes 4 offers. Each of them has a certain volume of services provided, and also differs in the cost of use. You can find detailed information in the table:

NameMinutes and SMS providedMobile InternetMonthly fee
Everything for business for 300600/7006 GB300 rub.
Everything for business for 500900/100012 GB500 rub.
Everything for business for 10001500/200020 GB1000 rub.
Everything for business for 16005000/300030 GB1600 rub.

After the packages are exhausted, the following fees will be charged for using communication services:

  • 0 rubles/min for calls within the network (to Beeline numbers) throughout Russia;
  • 1 rub./min for outgoing calls within the local region;
  • 3 rubles/min for outgoing long-distance calls;
  • 1 rub. for sending SMS;
  • 5 rub. for sending MMS.

How to change or switch to tariffs on Beeline in Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region.

When changing the tariff, the packages of minutes that are on the current tariff will be burned.

You can find out your current tariff plan by entering the command on your mobile phone *110*05#

Beeline has a special number 0850 with an assistant for changing the tariff

Another way to switch to a tariff is to purchase a SIM card already with a valid tariff plan

You can change your tariff via the Internet either in your personal account or in the Beeline mobile application

To switch to the tariff, you can dial a special number on your mobile phone:

  • “Vssheka” dial the number: 0674000777
  • “ALL 1” dial the number: 0674000111
  • “EVERYTHING 2” dial the number: 0674000222
  • “ALL 3” dial the number: 0674000333
  • “ALL 4” dial the number: 0674000444
  • “ALL 5” dial the number: 0674000555
  • “Zero doubts” dial the number: 067401561
  • “Second” dial the number: 067401561
  • “EVERYTHING 1 for tablet” dial ussd command: *110*1024# or number 0674101024.
  • “EVERYTHING 2 for the computer” dial the number: 0674102048
  • “Everything for the family” : Tariff available for connection in the office

The cost of the transition is free , but only if you have not changed the tariff within 30 days. If you changed the tariff, then the cost of switching is usually 100 rubles, see the cost for different tariffs in the table below. One more condition for the transition: The balance must have an amount equal to the subscription fee for the tariff. A prerequisite for switching to the tariff in some regions is the presence on the balance of the amount to pay the cost of the transition and the fee for the first day of using the tariff. See the first table for the cost of the tariff per day.

Transition cost1001001000100100

How to disable the Beeline tariff in Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region

If you want to disable a tariff plan, then such a service is usually accomplished by switching to another, for example, from a tariff with a subscription fee to a tariff without a subscription fee if you decide to use the Beeline operator less often and not pay extra money. for example, you can switch from the tariffs of the “Everything” line to a tariff plan without a subscription fee: “Zero doubts” or “Second”

You can block a SIM card in your personal account, or by contacting:

  • to the support service - 8-800-700-0611 or 0611 or +7-495-7972727
  • to the communication salon

To block a SIM card, identification is required:

  • by phone – code word, PUK code of the SIM card or owner’s passport details
  • in the communication salon - an identity document
  • No additional identification is required in your personal account.
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