Current Beeline tariffs in 2021 in Moscow and other cities of Russia

12Jun 2016

"All for 500"

- one of the most popular Beeline tariffs recently. This is also the cheapest tariff with postpayment support. Let’s take a closer look at the “All for 500” tariff plan.

For 500 rubles per month you will receive unlimited calls to Beeline, a package of minutes for calls to numbers of other operators and Beeline throughout Russia, an SMS package and an Internet package.

We will, as usual, consider the Moscow region, since the majority of site visitors, as well as information requests, come from there. First of all, let's take a look at the prepaid tariff. At the end of the article you can find information on the postpaid tariff “All for 500”.

Tariff description

Beeline has developed the “Everything for 500” tariff, from the name of which it immediately becomes clear that for 500 rubles you can get a set of services.
Let's look at the features of the tariff for the Moscow region with postpaid. For a low fee, the following is provided for a month:

  • Unlimited number of calls to Beeline subscribers throughout the country;
  • 600 minutes for calls to numbers of other operators;
  • Internet traffic – 10 GB;
  • 300 SMS messages.

When connecting or switching to a tariff, the client must make a guaranteed contribution of 500 rubles. The money will be returned to the user provided that the first three bills are successfully paid off.

The client pays a subscription fee upon expiration of the billing period. Once the invoice is issued, you are given 20 days to make payment. If the required amount is not credited to the account, access to the services is temporarily blocked.

Other offers from Beeline

Beeline tariffs are varied. The most profitable:

  • unlimited internet;
  • 1200 min. per month;
  • 300 SMS;
  • 155 free TV channels;
  • cost – 900 rub.
  • unlimited internet;
  • 300 messages;
  • 600 minutes;
  • price – 345 rub.
“All for 1800+roaming”
  • 15 GB;
  • 3000 minutes and SMS.

If you connect the numbers of all family members to Beeline tariffication, then subscribers will communicate within the network absolutely free.

Calls and SMS

The package includes 600 free minutes for outgoing calls.
Minutes can be spent on conversations with subscribers of any operators in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as on calls within the Beeline network throughout Russia. If the user is going on a trip around the country, then the minutes can be spent on calls to any operators serviced in the region of residence, or on communication with Beeline subscribers throughout the country.

All incoming calls are free, both in the region of connection and while moving throughout the country.

If the provided package of free minutes has been exhausted:

  • you can continue to make free calls to Beeline users in the Moscow region;
  • for calls to users of other operators in the Moscow region, a fee of 1.6 rubles per minute is charged;
  • during travel, outgoing calls to other operators (except for the region of residence) are charged 3 rubles per minute;
  • When traveling within Russia, calls to users of any operators in the region of residence cost 1.6 rubles/min.

Postpaid and prepaid payment system for “ALL!” tariffs

In the series of tariffs “Everything!” Beeline offers packages of services with the more common prepayment, as well as several tariff offers with postpayment, beneficial to certain categories of subscribers.

The essence of prepaid tariff plans is as follows: the subscriber pays a fixed fee for a package of mobile communication services, and only after that receives the right to use the services. In postpaid tariffs, the client gets the opportunity to use the services and then pay the bills.

The most popular tariffs in the “Everything!” line from Beeline are prepaid.

The main advantage of prepaid tariff plans is the absence of guarantee fees, as well as the likelihood of incurring debts for mobile communication services. By paying in advance, the user has the opportunity to plan his expenses and control his mobile account.

Prepaid tariff plans have one drawback - such offers often offer a range of services, most of which remain unused by the subscriber, while in postpaid tariffs the client pays only for what he actually used during the reporting period.

The question of which tariff is better: prepaid or postpaid can only be answered individually. It all depends on the needs of the subscriber. If you are a corporate client or use selective services included in your tariff plan, it is better to choose a postpaid offer, and if you want to independently control your expenses, you should give preference to prepaid tariffs.

Beeline tariff line “Everything!”

Mobile operator Beeline offers five tariff plans in the “Everything!” series for subscribers in Moscow and Moscow Region. Any of them, except the youngest, can be ordered on a prepaid or postpaid basis. When choosing a suitable tariff, it is worth considering that in other regions of Russia the set of available tariff offers and the conditions for their connection may differ from those given below.

All for 300
Prepayment2 GB 300 minutes 100 SMS300 rub./monthMore details
All for 500
Prepayment5 GB 550 minutes 300 SMS16.66 RUR/dayMore details
PostpayUnlimited Internet 600 minutes 300 SMS300 rub./monthMore details
All for 800
Prepayment7 GB 1000 minutes 500 SMSRUB 26.66/dayMore details
PostpayUnlimited Internet 1100 minutes 500 SMS800 rub./monthMore details
All for 1200
Prepayment10 GB 2000 minutes 1000 SMS40 rub./dayMore details
PostpayUnlimited Internet 2200 minutes 1000 SMS1200 rub./month
All for 1800
Prepayment15 GB 3000 minutes 3000 SMS60 rub./dayMore details
PostpayUnlimited Internet 3000 minutes 3000 SMS1800 rub./month

Please note that to any tariff, except the lowest (“All for 300”), a subscriber can connect Home Internet and television for 1 ruble per month. In all other tariffs of the “Everything!” line it is possible to distribute Internet packages, SMS messages and minutes between different mobile numbers

In all other tariffs of the “Everything!” line It is possible to distribute Internet packages, SMS messages and minutes between different mobile numbers.

How to activate the “Everything” tariff on Beeline?

If you are planning to order one of the popular tariff plans from the “Everything!” series. from Beeline, select one of the available connection methods:

  • purchasing a SIM card with an already selected tariff plan;
  • connecting to the tariff you are interested in through your Personal Account or Mobile Offer;
  • connecting a tariff over the telephone by number using voice prompts;
  • connecting the tariff using an online consultant on the Beeline website.

To disable any of the “Everything!” series tariffs from Beeline, use your Personal Account or Mobile Application.

Do you have any questions about how you can switch from prepaid to postpaid on Beeline or vice versa? To switch to prepayment, you just need to use any convenient method, for example, using your Personal Account or Mobile application. And in order to start paying for services after using them, you need to approach an employee of one of the Beeline company salons to explain your request. To renew a tariff plan, the subscriber must present a passport.

Beeline tariff “EVERYTHING is possible”

Beeline tariff “All 1”

Beeline tariff “VSEshechka”


Long distance communication and roaming

There is no charge for a call to a Beeline subscriber located in another region, even if the package of minutes has expired.
The tariff plan allows users to communicate within their network for free. Are you satisfied with the quality of Beeline services provided?

The SIM card is perfect for people who have relatives and friends in other regions of the Russian Federation connected to Beeline. Staying always in touch and not overpaying for long-distance calls is the main advantage of the tariff.

A minute of call to other Russian operators costs 3 rubles.

Connection via international numbers:

  • with subscribers of the CIS, Georgia, Ukraine – 30 rubles/min.;
  • with residents of Europe, the USA, Canada, Vietnam, China, Turkey – 50 rubles/min.;
  • with other countries – 80 rub./min.

Advantages and disadvantages

There is no perfect tariff, but “All for 500” is called the best option for most subscribers. This comes with a number of advantages:

  1. A large number of free minutes.
  2. 10 GB – high-speed connection.
  3. Changing a tariff plan is an easy procedure for which no fees are charged if the transition conditions are met.
  4. Unlimited communication in your network for 600 minutes.
  5. Free SMS messages.

The inconvenience lies in the automatic connection, which acts as an answering machine. The subscription fee is only a ruble, but few people would like to pay for a useless option. If a person does not use the number for more than three months, penalties are assessed - 5 rubles. in a day. Unpleasant news awaits those who have exhausted the GB limit, since the “Auto-renewal speed” option will immediately be activated with a rate of 20 rubles. in a day. To immediately disable this feature, you need to enter *115*230#.

Connection “All for 500”

You can subscribe to the “All for 500” tariff plan only in Beeline salons.
Even if you are a client who is already actively using the operator’s services, in any case you need to visit the company’s office and fill out an application. In addition to the application, you will need to pay a guaranteed fee, which is returned to the client after three paid bills.

Information for subscribers of archived tariffs

Starting January 16, 2021, the cost of some services on a number of archived tariff plans will be updated. On package tariff plans, only the size of the subscription fee will change. The volume and content of communication service packages provided for a subscription fee will remain the same, the cost of additional services will also not change.

In tariff plans without a monthly fee, the cost of local outgoing calls to Beeline numbers and other operators will change. The pricing procedure, free features and all connected services will remain the same.

Detailed information describing changes and new offers will be sent in a personal SMS notification to each subscriber of tariff plans on which changes will occur. To select a tariff from the new line, go to your Personal Account or the “My Beeline” application, as well as on the website in the “Tariffs” section.

Additional Information

Free and “Have a contact” are activated on the tariff plan. While other operators charge money for providing similar services, Beeline provides the service free of charge.

informs the user about calls made while the smartphone or telephone was turned off. “There is a contact” will inform other users that an “unavailable” subscriber has appeared on the network.

The “All for 500” tariff has many advantages. The main advantages are the affordable price of the tariff and an extensive package of services with a sufficient number of minutes and gigabytes.

Internet on a tariff plan

At the end of the traffic, access to the network is not suspended, because a paid one is automatically connected, which offers for 20 rubles. 70 MB of traffic.

In order to control the availability of the package, dial 06745 from your mobile phone or check this information in the mobile application or personal account. To disable automatic speed extension, dial 0674717780 or *115*230#.

The Internet is available to all subscribers at high speed, but when the network load is high, its quality may temporarily decrease.

In some republics and cities the Internet is not available: Magadan region, Kamchatka Territory, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Taimyr, Dolgano-Nenets region, Norilsk, Igarka, Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol.

How to choose

Of course, the first thing to be guided by is not how many minutes you really need. If you don't communicate much, 600 minutes a month will simply burn out, as will the money on your balance. If this is not enough, you should think about how to switch to another tariff. Many Beeline tariffs offer more features than “All for 500”. For these offers from one line you will pay from 700 to 1800 rubles per month.

Don’t be surprised that the Beeline tariff in your city may offer not “All for 1500”, but “All for 1800”. The final price depends on the region.

Please note that the line is constantly updated and old service packages are often not available for connection.

So, today it will no longer be possible to switch to the once popular “Unlimited 2500” tariff. Check the information on the official website, having previously selected your region.

Cost of services

If the subscriber is only interested in calls within the network, then in addition to the five hundred rubles paid for the package, he will have no more expenses. However, not all users are satisfied with just talking. In this case, monthly expenses will increase after the fixed limit of the “All for 500” tariff plan is exhausted:

  • calls within your home network are free;
  • calls to numbers of other Russian mobile operators - 3 rubles/min.;
  • calls within the home region with subscribers of other mobile operators – 1.6 rubles/min.;
  • SMS – 1.6 rub.

And also when the rest of the traffic has already been used, the “Auto-renewal speed” option is turned on automatically. At the same time, 70 MB of traffic is credited to the client’s account and 20 rubles are debited.

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