How to block a Beeline SIM card - blocking methods

To block a Beeline SIM card yourself, use the operator’s online services. If you have any difficulties with this, you can call the toll-free technical support number or come to the Beeline office.

Blocking is required in case of theft or if the subscriber has lost the phone. The procedure must be done as soon as possible so that no one can use the money in the account and personal data.

Voluntary blocking is also used if the subscriber leaves for a long time, for example, abroad, and does not plan to use the number during his absence. In this case, he suspends the service so as not to pay a subscription fee. An SMS will be sent to your phone with the text “Your number is blocked” and the numbers to unblock.

Is it possible to block a Beeline number?

The mobile operator offers options for temporarily suspending the SIM card. The function can be resumed at any time independently or with the help of the provider’s employees.

For subscribers who decide to completely stop working, the service disconnects the number immediately after contacting them. The client can choose the option that is convenient for himself.

How to block a Beeline SIM card

Before blocking a Beeline SIM card, you will need to decide whether the person will use the number. In case of temporary blocking, work will be restored quickly. When permanently disconnected, resumption is not possible. The contract will be terminated and the number will be put up for sale to other subscribers.

Blocking by phone

To disable a Beeline SIM card using a telephone connection, you will need:

  • have with you the passport details of the owner of the number, which will need to be announced to the manager;
  • mobile or landline phone;
  • if the contract provides for a special password, it will need to be given to the employee accepting the application;
  • call 8 800 700 0611 from any phone or via an intranet resource by dialing 09212.

On a note! The manager on duty will ask you to name the full name of the owner of the SIM card under the contract, and may ask other questions for identification, so there is no way to disconnect someone else’s phone.

Blocking in Beeline offices

If you cannot “freeze” the number yourself, the Beeline SIM card is blocked when visiting a branch of the company. This service is free. The exception is tariff plans with a subscription fee. Such features are clarified with a company employee.

What you need to show the manager:

  • passport;
  • a notarized power of attorney, if a person writes an application on behalf of a relative who cannot be present in person;
  • for employees of enterprises - an official letter on the organization’s letterhead with the corresponding request and a passport.

On a note!
A negative balance or excess of the established Internet traffic make it impossible to suspend service until the debt is fully repaid.

A sample application can be downloaded from the operator’s official website. Link

How to block via the Internet

Having the Internet makes the task easier. You need to go to the official Beeline website ( or through search engines. Click on the “Personal Account” section and complete the authorization requirements. To do this, enter your login (phone number) and password into the appropriate cells. You will receive an SMS message with a password to your number. In the “My Beeline” section, select the blocking function.

On a note!

You can also log in via social media. network by clicking on the corresponding icons, linking your profile with accounts. Login via Facebook and VKontakte is available on the site.

The site has a section of frequently asked questions with answers. There you can find a description of a similar situation.

Temporary or permanent blocking - features

A temporary service is included for a certain period. Often the reason for this is a vacation or a business trip for a long time. After its activation, the subscriber does not need to pay a subscription fee for mobile communications. But for the fact of blocking, a small daily fee may be charged, depending on the tariff. You need to ask your operator about this.

Permanent blocking is needed in case of theft or loss of the device with a SIM card. After such blocking, the client writes an application to receive a duplicate. At the operator’s office, he will be given a new SIM card with the same number, account balance and tariff parameters. Be sure to have your passport with you.

When blocking through specialists, clarify what type of service you need to use.

You can refuse your SIM card forever if you terminate your contract with the operator. To do this, write a statement at the office. At the same time, there should be no debt on the account. If there is some amount of money on the balance, the operator will return it to the bank card.

If the number is not used for a long time, the Beeline number is also permanently blocked. After 3 months of inactivity, 5 rubles will be debited from the balance every day - the fee for maintaining the number. When the money in the account runs out, another 180 days will pass before the phone is completely blocked. You cannot return it after this.

How to block forever

You can terminate cooperation with the operator in the office after personal contact. You will need to show your passport, fill out an application, and the contract will be terminated.

There are several more ways to block a Beeline SIM card yourself and forever. After a long period of inactivity of a number, it will be automatically disabled forever.

Access to the resource is also terminated if the PIN code is entered incorrectly. You will need to repeat the incorrect combination three times and access will be terminated.

Actions in case of loss or theft

The smartphone has long ceased to be a means of communication - with its help people organize work, store information, and access online systems. And if a person has lost his phone, then he needs to contact the mobile communications company as soon as possible. After all, it is not so much the gadget itself that is important, but the information stored on it.

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An attacker who steals a phone easily gains access to bank cards, passwords, and electronic wallets via the Internet. And this is fraught with significant financial losses.

After losing your mobile phone, you can deactivate the card by contacting Beeline representatives.

  1. The hotline number is 8 800 700 0611 . During the conversation, the employee will ask you several personal questions - you need to tell the operator your first and last name, subscriber agreement code (this is necessary to confirm that you are the owner of the phone).
  2. After a few minutes the SIM card will be blocked.

Methods for unlocking a SIM card?

There are several options to restart your number:

  1. This is done in the personal account, if the owner has access to the Network and has previously been authorized on the portal. In your personal account, the unlock function will remove restrictions. After you receive a message about the completion of the operation, you can make calls.
  2. The restoration procedure is carried out by employees at points of sale, upon presentation of passport data and filling out the appropriate application.
  3. If the number is blocked as a result of incorrectly entering PIN codes, and the card with the data for them is lost, hotline specialists will restore the functions.
  4. For persons who have entered into prepaid contracts, self-renewal occurs by dialing the combination *213#. The command is dialed from the number that needs to be renewed.
  5. You can restore the functions of the number after sending a request by e-mail. An application is pre-filled and downloaded on the official portal.

An operational solution to suspend the SIM card will protect personal information if the gadget is lost. Temporary disconnection will help the owner avoid unreasonable costs when the connection is not used.

How to unlock a Beeline SIM card

Voluntary blocking can be removed at any time at the request of the client. To do this, use one of the options:

  • In your personal account - similar to blocking.
  • At the Beeline office.
  • Call 09212 or 0611.
  • Via command *213#.
  • Written application by email: [email protected]

To unblock a number that has been lost, you will need a passport.

When the SIM card is lost, you should immediately block the Beeline number. If it falls into the hands of criminals, this threatens not only the loss of funds from the balance. Often SIM cards are linked to bank cards, accounts or electronic wallets. Having a SIM card, scammers can withdraw all the money from online services. After this, the office issues a free duplicate, and the lost SIM card no longer functions.

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In what cases is it necessary to block a SIM card in Beeline?

There are several situations when it becomes necessary to block a SIM card:

  • you have lost or had your phone stolen;
  • you do not plan to use the services of Beeline anymore;
  • you want to change your number.

Blocking can be done for free, the procedure will not take much time, but you will be calm about the safety of your funds. Once blocked, no one will be able to call on your behalf or use funds from your account. The card owner will be able to easily unblock it in the future and continue to use it.

How to check if your SIM card is blocked

After blocking a Beeline number, it is better to make sure that it is really disabled.

  • The easiest way is to call the desired number from another phone. The auto-informer will inform you that the called subscriber is temporarily blocked.
  • Open the subscriber’s personal account on Beeline, the status of the SIM card will be displayed as blocked and you will be asked to remove restrictions. This method is available if the user has a permanent personal account password that he remembers.
  • If you have access to a SIM card, try to make a call.

Temporary blocking allows you to resume using communications at any time. If the SIM card is lost, it can be restored at the company office. After complete blocking, the number is completely unavailable.

How to temporarily block home Internet and Beeline TV

You can block your home Internet for a maximum of 3 months (90 days), and Beeline television - for no more than 2 months. There is no subscription fee during this period. We do the blocking like this:

  • go to the “Personal Account”, open the “Internet” (or television) tab, then open “Service Management”, and finally click on the “Internet (TV) - Temporary Blocking” tab,
  • We call 8 – 800 700 – 8000 and indicate some of our passport information so that the operator can make sure that we are not thieves or scammers.

Voluntary blocking of home Internet and TV is free. You can use it:

  • no more than once a month,
  • only if the account balance is in positive territory.

Temporarily blocking the Internet or Beeline TV is especially beneficial if you use a promotional “economical” tariff plan. After the blocking ends, you will be able to continue using it and saving.

How to cancel a number

If you do not use the card for a long time, it is quite reasonable to put it to sleep for a while. What steps should I take to cancel my number permanently? So, you want your personal account to be completely closed, since you do not plan to return to the provider after a certain amount of time. In this case, it is advisable for you to personally contact the mobile operator’s office with your passport, explain that you are not using the number and ask that it be blocked without the right to restore it. Another option that makes it possible to terminate a contract with a provider is to call the hotline.

What is ordering content on Beeline and how to disable it

Reasons for blocking

The most common reason why subscribers turn off SIM cards is that the smartphone was lost/stolen, and one cannot count on its return. In such cases, the decision to block a lost Beeline SIM card yourself is made for reasons of financial security and the safety of personal data: email, online banks and other payment services, the State Services portal - all this is tied to the phone number.

Also, deactivating a SIM card may be necessary in the following cases:

  • It is intended to temporarily stop using the number;
  • You need to block your Beeline SIM card forever.

If the reason for blocking lies in intrusive inboxes, just look at how to enable the Black List if someone bothers you. And if you change your mind, then in another article we described ways to restore a SIM card quickly and easily.

Nuances and possible problems

Beeline may block a customer's card for several reasons:

  • if it has not been used for a long time (they have not called, used the Internet or sent SMS messages for more than six months);
  • payment of the bill is very late (for example, the subscriber did not pay for);
  • A negative balance persists for a long time.

To find out the reason for blocking, go to the subscriber’s Personal Account. A number blocked by the company can be restored within 3 to 6 months from the date of blocking. Later, your number may be provided to another subscriber.

If you find that the card is blocked without your knowledge, contact Beeline in any available way: from another number, through your personal account, chat in a mobile application, in person or by email.

On one's own

Do you want to know how to block a Beeline SIM card yourself? There are two solutions:

  • via the Internet in your personal account on the website;
  • in the operator's application.

All you need is access to a computer or smartphone with internet access. You also need to have a device with you with an inserted SIM card, the number of which we will now work with (for authorization on the site or in the application).

On the site

Let's start with the browser version of LC. It is usually accessed via a computer, but can also be accessed from other devices. First, log in, and then:

1. On the page with basic information that opens, look for the “Block number” button and click on it.

2. A field will appear in front of you to select the blocking date. That is, you can turn off the SIM card at any time. At least now, at least in a week or a month. Select the desired date.

3. Click on “Block”. Just in case, look at how to withdraw money from your phone.

In the application

How to block a Beeline SIM card yourself using a mobile application:

1. Log in to the application, enter your phone number and password in the appropriate fields;

2. Click on the “Menu” button, it looks like three horizontal stripes;

3. Go to the “Settings” section;

4. At the bottom there will be a button with the appropriate name “Block number”. Click on it.

5. Set the desired date and confirm the action.

Ready. Next, the system will shut down: immediately or on the day you select.

Important! In case of voluntary deactivation of a number, care should be taken to ensure that the balance is not in the negative. This will avoid misunderstandings in the future, regardless of whether you are going to use this SIM card or not.


There are times when the card is blocked itself. Your number may be blocked by Beeline if you forget your PIN code and enter the wrong set of numbers into the menu three times in a row. In this case, the PUK code is called upon to save the situation; if you do not enter it correctly 10 times, you will be automatically blocked. Most likely, you will be interested in knowing how many days later the SIM card is blocked if the phone has not been used for several months? Self-blocking of a SIM card can occur if it is not used for six months, or more precisely, 180 days. This action by the provider does not terminate the validity of the SIM card. It will be restored if you contact the office.

It is important to know that if you are not on a service package and do not use the phone for three months, the provider will begin to deduct 5 rubles per day from your account for occupying a number on the network. When the funds run out, after another 90 days, your number will be closed. Situations are different. If you want to keep everything under control, it is better not to leave an unused number to fate, contact the office and turn it off temporarily or permanently.

How to disable all paid services and subscriptions on Beeline

Disable SIM card forever

Unblocking online will allow you to complete the operation in an accelerated manner. If the client does not have access to the web account or application, the issue can be resolved remotely via email. An application is drawn up and sent by e-mail. After processing the request, a deactivation confirmation from Beeline will be sent to your virtual mail. If the letter has not been received, then it is worth checking the information with consultants using a single number.

It is not possible to disable a SIM card permanently without an application. In this case, after the expiration of the temporary deactivation period, the number is confiscated for non-use.

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