Beeline tariffs in Kazan (Tatarstan): current offers 2021

For roaming

Beeline tariffs in Kazan in 2021 with Internet on the phone are presented with a special plan All for 1800. Its key feature is that the conditions are maintained not only in the territory of the home region, but also outside it.

Do you often travel and go on business trips? The presented program will be an excellent solution. You don’t have to activate various options, you can continue to use the plan.


  • There is no limit on Beeline Russia numbers.
  • Issued 3000 min.
  • 3000 messages included.
  • 15 GB of traffic is provided.
  • Cost – 1800 rubles.
  • The offer is valid throughout Russia.

The only drawback is 3000 SMS. Most subscribers rarely use them for communication; messages have been replaced by instant messengers. But the company adds them to the package to sell customers an additional service.

Beeline package tariffs with subscription fee

The cheapest subscription tariff in this line is “First Gigi”. The “Not One” line is optimal in terms of cost and quality of included services. Let's talk about each separately.

"Not alone at home"

Who is it suitable for? For those who are afraid to be left at home alone. Joke. The price for the tariff is indicated in the table.

This plan may seem expensive when you look at the number of minutes or data volume. Something else is important.

You are given access to the services: Beeline Movies and Music.

Your Yandex music subscription has expired? It doesn’t matter, your tariff allows you to listen to music through the Beeline application. Don't have a Netflix or Okko subscription? This tariff includes Beeline Movies. That's not all. Beeline Magazines is a service with current articles from Popular Mechanics, Men's Health, Vogue, Elle, Esquire, National Geographic and other magazines. This service also includes popular podcasts.

Another service is Beeline Cloud. I'm not sure what will interest you, although it may be an alternative to Dropbox or Google disk. Cloud volume 10 GB.

This plan creates an ecosystem around you, similar to what Apple does with its iPhone, iPad or Mac line.

Rubles per minute
Subscription fee500 ₽/month
Mobile Internet in Russia30 GB
Calls to all operators in Russia500 min/month
SMS within Russia300 SMS/month
Beeline TVfree for a year
Beeline musicfor free
Beeline Magazines and podcastsfor free
Beeline Cloud10 GB
YouTube Premium Subscription4 months free

"Not Alone at Home 2"

The extended version of the tariff is above. For a serious increase in the price indicated in the table, many minutes will be added to us.

Is it worth overpaying? Everyone decides for themselves.

Internet and calls are charged the same whether in your home region or not (roaming). This works well when traveling; you no longer worry about being charged extra for roaming. It is not included in this tariff. The Beeline Movies service provides access to 155 television channels and will not let you get bored on the road.

Rubles per minute
Subscription fee750 ₽/month
Mobile Internet in Russia30 GB
Calls to all operators in Russia750 min/month
SMS within Russia300 SMS/month
Beeline TVfree for a year
Beeline musicfor free
Beeline Magazines and podcastsfor free
Beeline Cloud10 GB
YouTube Premium Subscription4 months free

"First gigs"

The most favorable tariff in the line. Do not look at the small amount of included Internet traffic. You have access to unlimited Internet in instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, ICQ, Skype, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, KaKaoTalk, WeChat). Call your friends and acquaintances, share videos. Traffic in messengers is unlimited.

An alternative to this tariff from Megafon: “Turn on! Communicate." The Internet is completely unlimited. Relevant if you watch YouTube or are on Telegram.

Rubles per minute
Subscription fee270 ₽/month (9 ₽/24 hours)
Mobile Internet in Russia5 GB
Calls to all operators in Russia250 min/month
Messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, ICQ, Skype, etc.)unlimited
20 TV channelsfor free

“All for 1800 + roaming”

Expensive tariff. Do you need communication or is work obligatory? This tariff is for you. Huge number of minutes and SMS.

This tariff provides the opportunity to divide the tariff services into 5 numbers.

The cost of this service is 3.38 rubles/day (does not depend on the number of connected numbers). With this service the tariff costs 1902 rubles. Perhaps for 5 rooms it is convenient, but not cheap. If you do the math, it’s cheaper for 3 family members to take Queer People 3 . In addition to unlimited Internet, it can also be distributed free of charge via Wi-Fi. The tariff is discussed in detail below.

Rubles per month
Subscription fee1800 ₽/month
Beeline throughout Russiaunlimited
Split the tariff+ 5 numbers
Mobile Internet in Russia and abroad15 GB
Calls to all numbers in Russia3000 min/month
SMS to all numbers in Russia3000 SMS
YouTube Premium Subscription4 months free

Tariffs without internet

Some subscribers need tariffs without the Internet. Do you rarely go online or don’t use your smartphone for this? Then it’s worth choosing a suitable program.

Now there are not many such offers. One of the reasons is that programs without the Internet are not in great demand. Most clients choose package options in order to use all services.

What are Beeline tariffs in Kazan in 2021 without the Internet today?

  • Zero doubts.
  • Second.

Corporate rates

Corporate tariffs are represented by the “For Business” line. Advantages of this product:

  • Unlimited on-net calls.
  • Exchange of SMS and MMS within the corporation is free.
  • Internet throughout Russia is already included in every tariff.
  • Favorable tariffs for international destinations.

mobile connection

Legal entities are provided with mobile communications on the basis of a contract, with favorable conditions. Subscription fee and detailed parameters of packages in the table:

A postpaid system for servicing legal entities is the most convenient option. Activation of tariffs is carried out by calling the manager, at the company’s office or at the request of the client.

Analysis of conditions

Let's first study Zero Doubt. Current conditions for city residents:

  1. There is no need to pay to use the services.
  2. The cost of calls is 1.5 rubles.
  3. Message – 1.5 rub.

Billing is carried out by the minute. For example, if the call lasted 31 seconds, then 1.5 rubles will still be debited from the account. This solution is not very profitable; the program is suitable for calls of average duration.

Alternative - Second. Conditions:

  • No AP.
  • Call second – 0.03 rub.
  • SMS – 1.5 rub.

Per-second billing has a number of advantages. If most of the calls made are short, then you can save a certain amount when using communication services.

The downside is that you will have to pay 1.8 rubles per minute. Therefore, this program is not suitable for long calls.

Beeline tariffs without a monthly fee for people who do not use the Internet

For users who do not need the Internet, the company offers a cheap tariff without the Internet for calls within the network in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan). This mobile package is most suitable for children or pensioners, because the fee for it is charged only on the day of use. On days when the client does not call, no funds are debited.

Advantageous offer from Beeline “Bi+” without subscription fee:

  • calls between Beeline subscribers - 5 Russian rubles per day for 100 minutes;
  • unpaid incoming calls;
  • calls to phones in the region of residence and other telecom operators and landline numbers in the Russian Federation - 2.5 rubles. in a minute;
  • calls to phones of different operators outside the home region - 15 rubles per minute;
  • outgoing SMS messages to numbers in your home region - 5 Russian rubles for 100 messages per day.

In addition, the cellular package includes the possibility of a beautiful number for free.

Description of current Beeline tariffs in Vladimir and the Vladimir region for smartphones, tablets and modems

You can switch to the Beeline tariff without a monthly fee in the mobile phone application or by logging into your personal account on the telecom operator’s website.

Modem option

Do you want to use the Internet on your computer or laptop? The company offers a special plan for customers. The TP for the modem is subject to simple conditions:

  • Cost – 700 rubles.
  • A package of 30 gigs is provided.
  • From the second month 5 GB is added.
  • There is unlimited music and social networks.

Considering the resource consumption, such a package will be enough for most users. But you need to monitor its consumption so as not to be left without access at the end of the month.

Speed ​​depends on a number of factors, including network type. For example, in 4G it is 10-20 Mbit/s. In 3G the parameter drops to 3-5 Mbit/s. These are average figures and are not guaranteed by the operator.

Unlimited Beeline tariffs

"Close people 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6"

"Close people." There are 6 versions of this tariff. All of them are presented in the detailed table below. What is the difference?

Versions of “Close People 3-6” provide access to unlimited Internet and unlimited distribution from the device.

It is important. Distributing Wi-Fi from a mobile phone is not always free. You can share services between 1, 2, 3 and 5 numbers respectively. If there are 2 people in the family, I recommend “Close People 3”. Balanced price, enough minutes for two, unlimited internet. What more could you want? For two it turns out cheaper than “First Gigi”, because... The Internet is completely unlimited and the number of minutes is 3.5 times more if divided by two.

Close people 1, 2Close people 1Close people 2
Subscription fee350 ₽/month450 ₽/month
Mobile Internet15 GB for +1 number25 GB +1 number
Calls to numbers of any operators in Russia400 min/month700 min/month
SMS to numbers of any operators in Russia, except for “Close People” tariffs300 SMS/month300 SMS/month
SMS for “Close People” tariffsunlimitedunlimited
YouTube Premium Subscription4 months free4 months free
Movies1 month free1 month free
TV channels20 free20 free
Favorite numberfor freefor free
Starting balance200 ₽250 ₽
NameClose people 3Close people 4Close people 5Close people 6
Subscription fee600 ₽/month900 ₽/month1500 ₽/month2500 ₽/month
Mobile Internetunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
General package for the entire tariff (+ number)+1+2+3+5
Internet distributionunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Calls to numbers of any operators in Russia1300 min/month2000 min/month2500 min/month4000 min/month
SMS to numbers of any operators in Russia, except for “Close People” tariffs300 SMS/month300 SMS/month300 SMS/month300 SMS/month
SMS for “Close People” tariffsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
YouTube Premium Subscription4 months free4 months free4 months free4 months free
Movies2 months free2 months freefor freefor free
TV channels155 free155 free155 free195 free
Favorite numberfor freefor freefor freefor free

For tablet

In addition to Beeline tariffs in Kazan in 2021 for cellular communications, subscribers are interested in offers for tablets. Now the operator provides one TP for these devices. Program conditions:

  1. AP – 390 rub.
  2. For the first month, 12 GB are issued.
  3. From the second, another 5 gigs are added.
  4. Traffic from social networks and music is not deducted.

This plan will solve problems with the Internet on your tablet. The client will provide access to the network from the device and will be able to comfortably use various services.

Home Internet

Home Internet is no surprise these days. Fast and stable Internet is needed every day to solve various problems: paying bills, transferring readings, watching movies, working at home and other areas. You can check the connection at home and the opportunity to become a Beeline client on the website; you can contact the nearest branch of the company to conclude an agreement. Kazan tariffs are profitable and proven.

For new clients

A special promotion for new subscribers is an opportunity to verify the reliability of the Internet from a high-quality communication provider. We offer two tariffs with incredibly favorable conditions:

BombicBombic +
Ab. pay 400 rub./month.600 rub./month.
SpeedUp to 100 Mbit/sUp to 100 Mbit/s
TV channels130 channels

The connection can be ordered on the website by filling out a special form. Or leave a request by calling 8800 700 8000. Connection is free. Fees are written off monthly at the beginning of the billing period.

Internet + TV

The Internet and television are becoming even more accessible. Choosing a package is not difficult at all; the packages are filled with the necessary options that will suit absolutely any user.

Home with TV StarterHome Internet and TVHome with TV and Router Basic
450 rub./month.550 rub./month.700 rub./month.
Up to 30 Mb/sUp to 30 Mb/sUp to 100 Mb/s
82 channels148 channels148 channels
Without a routerWithout a routerWi-Fi router included

Connection is free, just inform the manager about your desire by phone 8 800 700 8000 or make a request in your Personal Account.


The “Basic 2.1” tariff for television includes a package of 149 channels and a set-top box. Additionally, technical support for the line for cable operation is paid. If you connect Beeline Internet, you will not need to maintain the line. It is possible to use all the functions of the set-top box in full: recording, timer, pause, video rewind.

The subscription fee consists of:

  • 345 rubles – fee for channels and set-top box.
  • 120 rubles – maintenance. lines.

For 465 rubles per month you get an excellent package of channels for every taste.

Tariffs for smart watches

Especially for various smart home system devices that do not require a large amount of Internet traffic, the “For Smart Things” tariff has been compiled. It is best to use this Beeline tariff for smart devices, alarm sensors, security sensors, security cameras and much more.

It includes:

  • 500 megabytes of high-speed mobile Internet per month;
  • beautiful room free of charge;
  • 30 minutes for calls to cell phones of any operators in the region of your stay for 30 days;
  • 100 outgoing SMS to home region numbers per month.

The fee for using the tariff is 100 Russian rubles for 30 days.

This tariff is suitable for a child’s smartwatch. You can also use it for a navigator in a car.

Mobile Internet Beeline on laptop and PC

Features of the tariff. As part of the “Internet for Computer” tariff, you can access the network from a laptop and PC. In the first month you will receive less traffic, in subsequent months you will receive additional gigabytes for the same money.

Subscription fees and packages vary significantly from region to region. Be sure to check the tariff conditions in your city.

City Subscription fee per month, rubles Provided traffic volume in the first month, GB Provided traffic volume in subsequent months, GB.
Moscow and Moscow region 1200 25 30
Saint Petersburg 700 30 35
Krasnoyarsk 800 30 35
Nizhny Novgorod 650 30 35

How to connect. To connect, purchase a SIM card at the Beeline sales office. Switching from another tariff is free of charge. If you are already a subscriber, connect to the tariff in one of the following ways:

  • on the official Beeline website;
  • through a mobile application;
  • by calling 0674-10-2048;
  • dial USSD command *110*2048#.

Mobile Internet Beeline on a tablet

Beeline offers customers who want to use mobile Internet using a tablet a special “Internet for Tablet” tariff. When connecting, you are given the opportunity to choose a “beautiful” number from several possible ones, and when concluding a written contract, you can connect to voice communication. Additionally, you can connect to use the capabilities of the SIM card even with a zero balance.

Features of the tariff. Packages are provided on the day the subscription fee is charged. In the first month, an Internet package of 10 GB is provided, in subsequent months you will receive 15 GB for the same price (for Moscow and the region, in other cities the package volume may differ). Users will receive high connection speeds and will even be able to share Wi-Fi.

Subscription fee. The cost and volume of the package vary significantly for different cities. You can find out more about the terms and conditions of the service in your region on the official website. The table shows the cost of packages for several regions:

Region Subscription fee, rubles Package for the first month, GB Package in subsequent months, GB
Moscow and Moscow region 550 10 15
Saint Petersburg 390 12 17
Saratov 390 14 19

How to connect. A SIM card with a tariff can be purchased at any sales office. You can also upgrade to a tariff plan on the website or through the mobile application. To connect, you can call 0674101024 or send a short command *110*1024#.

Non-public tariffs

The company also offers non-public tariff plans of the mobile operator Beeline, available for connection in the office.

The “Everything for the Family” tariff is not an independent package of services. It is installed automatically on all connected additional numbers of family tariffs. Thanks to this, you can spend Internet at non-public rates, minutes of calls and SMS messages directly from the main number. The conditions of the closed tariff “Everything for the Family” can be viewed on the official portal of the provider. You can connect a family mobile tariff to your number at any Beeline sales point.

The “All for 240” mobile tariff offers customers free calls between Beeline subscribers and provides 1.5 GB of Internet traffic monthly. The user fee will be 244.06 rubles per month. You can connect to the non-public tariff “All for 240” in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan) only at the Beeline office.

In addition to the above packages, you can pay attention to the following tariff plans:

  • "Everything.Gold";
  • "Everything. Platinum."

The possibility and conditions for their connection must be clarified at the company branch.

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