Current Beeline tariffs in Kazakhstan for 2021

If you run out of minutes, SMS or Internet

You can resume all services ahead of schedule; to do this, you need to make sure there are enough funds on your balance by dialing *355#.

If you need to restore one particular package, then it is better to use one-time packages:

One-time package of minutes for other operators:

  • 40 minutes. Cost 390 tenge. USSD command for connection *599*4# ;
  • 60 minutes. 490 tenge - *599*6# ;
  • 150 minutes. 990 tenge - *599*15#.

One-time SMS package to Beeline numbers:

  • 60 SMS for 350 tenge, *599*8#.

One-time packages for Internet connection:

  • 2 GB for 790 tenge - *525*2#;
  • 4 GB for 1290 tenge - *525*4#;
  • 8 GB for 1590 tenge - *525*8#;

To check your balance, just dial *106#.

One-time packages are valid for 4 weeks after connection.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the positive qualities of the “Bright for 3990” tariff, the following are worth noting:

  • large package of Internet traffic;
  • Availability of an SMS package to all numbers in Kazakhstan;
  • the ability to exchange resources;
  • Availability of a daily package to stay connected;
  • unlimited on a number of popular services and social networks.

The disadvantages include:

  • there is no way to disable the activation of the daily package;
  • the tariff is closed for connection;
  • The subscription fee is charged once for the entire month.

How to disable the tariff

You can disable the “Bright for 1990” tariff in the following ways:

  • switch to another tariff - you can do this in your personal account, using the “My Beeline” mobile application, in the operator’s communication salon, or by sending a USSD request (you can find out the terms of the tariff plan and the command for switching to it on the official Beeline website and from a specialist in the sales office);
  • block a number - to do this, you need to click the appropriate button in your personal account or contact a Beeline communication salon. Within 90 days, the subscriber will have the opportunity to restore the functionality of the number, and after this period has expired, the phone will be permanently blocked;
  • refuse to provide communication services - to do this, just submit a written application to any Beeline communication salon (you will need a passport to apply).

“Other” tariff line [archived, connection closed]

"Even for 1490""Back in 1890""For 2390 more""Even for 2990""For 3990 more"
Subscription fee (tenge for 4 weeks)1,4901890239029903990
Network calls to Beeline (minutes)Unlimited.
Calls to numbers in the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries (min.)*120200300
Calls to other countries (min.)thirty
Calls to mobile HR (min.)4080
Internet traffic volume4GB.8 GB.12 GB.20 GB.30 GB.
Unlimited trafficNoYouTube, Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, Whatsapp, Odnoklassniki and Telegram
SMS onlineNo200
SMS to RK numbersNo300
VIP service for technical support and operator officesNoYeah
Command to bind tariff* 901 * 1#* 901 * 2#* 901 * 3#* 901 * 4#* 901 * 5#

Notes on the tariff table

  • * - call Beeline numbers in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, Kievstar (Ukraine) and all numbers in China.

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How to connect and reconnect

The “Bright for 1990” tariff is archived, so it is impossible to connect to it. Early reconnection is available for existing tariff plan holders. Using this option, users will be able to restore communication resources without waiting for the day the subscription fee is charged.

To reconnect the tariff, just use the USSD request: *355#.

Attention! To reactivate a tariff plan, the user's balance must exceed the cost of the tariff.

Rate “Easy as Pears” [archived, connection closed]

This offer is not intended for the most active subscribers or for users who prefer to pay only for services that they clearly use. This change does not include subscription fees, meaning subscribers must pay separately for each service they use.

The terms of the package are:

  • Web traffic usage: 20 megabytes for 29 tenge. (You can use the package no more than 10 times a day, after which further use of traffic will be charged at 3 tenge per megabyte).
  • Sending SMS to Beeline / other phones: 9/15 tenge.;
  • Calls to landline numbers: 18 tenge / minute;
  • Calls to mobile phones: 11 tenge / minute;

Activation of the “As Simple as Possible” tariff in Kazakhstan is carried out using the command * 711 * 11 #, transfer fee is 200 tenge.

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Daily package

If the time has come to write off the monthly payment, and there is not enough money on the balance, then the daily subscription fee will be charged, which is 130 tenge per day. An SMS notification is sent about this connection.

The daily fee for using the daily package is automatically charged from 24:00 to 3:00 am.

It provides the following services for 1 day:

  • Free calls within the network;
  • 3 minutes for other short circuit operators;
  • 350 MB of Internet traffic.

When you top up your balance with an amount sufficient to charge the subscription fee, it is written automatically at night. In this case, the package is deactivated automatically.

The daily package is included in the terms of the tariff plan and cannot be canceled.

The “Unlimited Night Internet” service is available on the tariff plan. When connected, 5 GB of Internet is not consumed. This service is available from 12.00 to 7.00 Nur-Sultan time and costs 290 tenge per week.

DIY Agenda 2021

This is the first, as far as I know, tariff from Beeline in Kazakhstan, in which the subscriber can independently choose the required amount of minutes and traffic (see Table).

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Summary table of tariff prices

12 GB.18 GB.32 GB.
0 minutes2 790 ₸.3 190 ₸.3990 ₸.
100 minutes3,290 ₸.3 690 ₸.4 490 ₸.
300 minutes3990 ₸.4 490 ₸.4 990 ₸.

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The DIY rate, in addition to the volumes selected by the subscriber, includes

  • Free viewing of TV360;
  • Possibility of connecting up to three additional numbers to the tariff (price 990 ₸ / month for each), with which you can share the volume of minutes and traffic from the package;
  • "Give Gigi" option;
  • Option “Swap minutes per gigabyte” (rate 10 minutes = 1 GB);
  • For 800 per month you can connect unlimited services for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and VKontakte.
  • Unlimited calls within the Beeline Kazakhstan network;

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Tariff reconnection

If you have exhausted the limit of minutes, SMS or gigabytes provided within the plan, you can reconnect the tariff.

In this case, the subscription fee will be charged, and minutes, SMS and GB will be restored in full.

The only way to reconnect the Bright tariff for 2990 is to use the USSD command *355#.

This command will update the packages, be sure to wait for an SMS about this! If you enter the command 2 times in a row, the tariff will be reconnected twice and 5980 tenge will be debited from the balance.

Vibrant Business Review

The main feature of the tariff plan is the ability to customize it to suit the user's needs. Even when several clients use it on the basis of one contract on behalf of the head of the organization for which they work, each subscriber will be able to prioritize the options that are most important to him. This could be a package of minutes, internet or SMS.

The developers name other features of the configurations:

  • all incoming calls for 0 rub./min. on the territory of Russia, including Crimea and Sevastopol;
  • outgoing calls within the network for 0 rub./min. on the territory of the country, including in Crimea and Sevastopol;
  • the ability to use unlimited Internet;
  • corporate communications while traveling at the same cost as in your home region;
  • ATS as a bonus;
  • multi-channel numbers;
  • group Caller ID, when connected to which all clients will have a single corporate number displayed during calls;
  • CRM connector for data analysis and maintaining a client base;
  • setting up a voice menu to distribute calls according to criteria and reduce the call period.

Customers can add one more option to their set of options. This is “Business roaming” with daily or monthly payment. Depending on the settings, it will have a different price. For example, a Business roaming package for 600 includes 50 minutes and 300 MB. The cost of the service is 610 rubles per day. It can be connected when it is needed and disconnected when it is no longer needed. That is, the subscriber does not need to pay for a whole month for roaming service when he goes on a business trip for a couple of days.

First of all, check your tariff plan

For “ACTIVE” and “KSELL” dial *166*2# CALL

For BEELINE dial *166# CALL or call 067405

For ALTEL dial *808# CALL or SMS of any content to 808

For TELE2 dial *121# CALL

“Bright” tariff line (summary table) 2021

"Bright for 2590""Bright for 3290""Bright for 3990""Bright for 4990""Bright for 5990"
Subscription fee (₸. per month)25903290399049905990
Network calls to Beeline (minutes)Unlimited.
Calls to mobile numbers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries (min.)*200300400
Calls to other countries (min.)40
Calls to mobile numbers of the Republic of Kazakhstan (min.)50100
Additional numbers to the tariff (surcharge for every 990 USD / month)No1 room2 bedrooms3 rooms4 rooms
Promotion “Double New”Yes (more details)
TV360Yes (more details)
Internet traffic volume6 GB.12 GB.17 GB.30 GB.40 GB.
Unlimited trafficYandex.Music and BeeTVYandex.Music, BeeTV, Beeline Books, Beeline Press and NOD 32 antivirus
Unlimited traffic (additional) (until 08/03/2021)NoYouTube, YouTube Kids, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Tinder, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Netflix, IMO and Pinterest
Exchange minutes for gigabytes.10 minutes = 1 GB. (change valid until 06/01/2021)
Variation of "Come on, Gigi"Yes (valid until 06/01/2021) (description)
SMS to RK numbersNo300400
VIP service for technical support and operator officesNoYeah
Command to bind tariff* 829 * 1#* 829 * 2#* 829 * 3#* 829 * 4#* 829 * 5#

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Useful commands Beeline Kazakhstan

Several useful commands that may be useful to subscribers who have chosen any of the tariffs.

  • * 106 # - a command aimed at providing up-to-date information about the balance of services in the packages provided for in the tariff. It is available for use completely free of charge and has no restrictions on the number of uses.
  • * 355 # - allows you to restore the share packages included in the offer on a monthly basis. Restoring quotas will cost you the same amount as the monthly plan you used;

Below is information about archival fees, the connection of which has already been closed, but is still used by many Beeline subscribers in Kazakhstan, so the information is not deleted from our website.

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