“Death calls”, or which numbers residents of different countries are afraid to call and answer

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Many urban legends tell us about various ghosts and creatures that in one way or another frightened and continue to frighten people. Some choose to believe in them, while others do not. In principle, this is everyone's business.

But even if everything that can be found on the Internet is pure outright “duck” or just a horror story, then every day you can still find various stories about this or that incident that are associated with a certain urban legend. Today we will talk about the so-called “death numbers”, which under no circumstances should you call or answer, because soon, for one reason or another, you will leave this mortal world in the most terrible way.

666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666

“We were driving home in a car with friends after one very noisy party. At some point, one of my friends, let's call him John, the phone rang, and the number (666) - 666 - 6666 was displayed on the screen. John showed it to everyone sitting in the car, and we just joked that it was himself calling him Devil. A few minutes later, a voice message arrived. I had never heard such a very strange and scary voice before. It was some kind of lifeless voice, against which various static noises could be heard. He muttered only a few incomprehensible words, but even this could frighten everyone sitting in the car to horror. When we were all already home, John wrote that the voice message had somehow strangely disappeared and he didn’t know what to do now. I told him to calm down and suggested that it was someone's bad joke. Considering that everyone in the car was slightly tipsy, and I was the only one sober, some forgot about this call the very next day. But I remember everything, and it worries me very much.”


"Red Numbers"

In Pakistan, many people believe that it is absolutely forbidden to pick up the phone when the number is displayed in red on the mobile phone screen. They call such calls “Cursed numbers” or “Death calls”. If you do answer this call, you will hear nothing but a loud, high-pitched sound that will rupture your eardrums and you will die on the spot. In Pakistan, a couple of reports were even published that several people died in this way from the “Death Ring”.


In Japan, the number 090-4444-4444 is known as Sadako's number. If you decide to call the above number, you will hear a deafening, piercing scream in response. According to some claims, many died after dialing this number, over the next week in some kind of accident. In Japanese, the word "fourB" is pronounced almost the same as the word "death". Sadako is a ghost from the movie "The Ring", so it is likely that this particular number was taken from the above movie. 0 888 888 888

In Bulgaria they believe that the number 0 888 888 888 is cursed. According to some people, if a person has a mobile phone containing the above number, he will soon die a terrible death. The first victim of the “damned number” was a man who died from an aggressive form of cancer. The second victim was a simple worker who was shot dead on the street.


In some Asian countries, the number 1-000-000-0000 is considered cursed. If a person calls it, they will hear a quiet male voice that will say that this number must be distributed to 15 people, otherwise you will die.


In the United States of America, there is an urban legend about the number 666. It says that if you dial this number, you will call the Devil himself. One anonymous user decided to share his story related to this number. Q “All my friends decided to take turns dialing this number. For some, no one answered and the call was immediately dropped, while others even got beeps. I decided to dial it myself and heard some noise and interference on the phone, and then an incomprehensible laugh. So now, after this, think about what it was.”

Honestly stolen from the Internet.

This is interesting almost 2 years ago

Every country has its own urban legends that tell of bad omens, ghosts or creatures that have been scaring people for years. With the development of technology, numerous horror stories related to phone numbers began to appear. Today we will talk about numbers that residents of different countries are afraid to call or answer. After all, they are considered so-called death numbers.

What kind of number is 666−666−6666

The three-digit six combination has been shrouded in mystery throughout human history. 666 are associated with evil spirits bringing destruction, grief and death. There is information about this number in the Bible; the revelation of John the Theologian connects it with the Antichrist, it is called the “number of the beast.”

What consequences may arise when accepting incoming calls in 666 telephone format, or, conversely, as outgoing?

For many years, subscribers of various operators in different parts of the world have been faced with mysterious calls and messages from 666−666−6666. People get scared and believe that the devil is trying to contact them. After discovering such a fact as the number not being displayed in the history, the fear intensifies.

Is there mysticism here? Often, the explanation is the simplest - telephone hooliganism or a prank. Callers who believe in the existence of magical and mystical powers often call back in a diabolical format. The answer most often heard is: “the number doesn’t exist,” but sometimes it’s gloomy, soul-chilling music.

Mysticism at random

In addition to numbers with a “scary” reputation, there are those that bring good luck to those around them. These numbers are familiar to everyone because they are associated with most positive events in life. Among them, it is worth highlighting five numbers and their combination.

The unit is a symbol of victory, first place, leadership and success. And it's hard to argue with that. The unit in the phone number can be repeated several times, which will enhance its meaning:

  • (9XX) 4111117;
  • (9XX) 11111-03;
  • (9XX) 3111110.

The second number is three. In numerology, it symbolizes the correct direction of the chosen path, and it is not without reason that the three horses were considered a symbol of a successful road.

  • (9XX) 7333335;
  • (9XX) 3333333;
  • (9XX) 6333333.

Perhaps the most positive number in the understanding of every person is five, because it is not only the highest grade. Not only can you pass an exam with an A, but you can also do the work, or use it as a symbol of greeting, congratulations, and a demonstration of friendly feelings by giving a “high five.”

  • (9XX) 5555555;
  • (9XX) 5555553;
  • (9XX) 5555559.

Seven is a divine number and a symbol of the harmony of the world (there are seven days in a week, seven colors in a rainbow, and all music consists of seven notes):

  • (9XX) 7777773;
  • (9XX) 7777770;
  • (9XX) 1777777.

Positive meaning and mysticism are hidden in the nine, which not only attracts attention in itself, but also has hidden secrets. If you add up two nines, and then add up the numbers in the answer, you will get a nine again. And this is not the only “trick” associated with the number nine.

  • (9XX) 9999910;
  • (9XX) 5999999;
  • (9XX) 9999999.

This is not a complete list of lucky and mystical phone numbers, since it can combine different lucky numbers in any order.

You can also combine numbers with positive and negative meanings, which can add up to your lucky number. As an example of such a statement, multiply nine by thirteen, and add the digits of the result to get a lucky nine again.

Why you shouldn't call 666

There is an opinion that calls with the number six combination pose a danger to the person calling, such as suicide. Some subscribers, after making a call, begin to feel bad psychologically; it seems to them that some unprecedented forces are nearby and feel their gloomy gaze on them. Such people even try to change their place of residence and move to completely unfamiliar places. In this way they want to get rid of the oppressive feeling of danger.

In practice, there were situations when an outgoing call was dropped, but after some time a call back was received, promising trouble and the death of loved ones. It is not known whether such threats were made, so calling 666 is not recommended, you should not tempt fate.

There is a real explanation for every such telephone conversation; the mobile operator is not able to establish direct communication with otherworldly forces.

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Personal mysticism

Astrologers and numerologists note that each person has his own mystical numbers. Therefore, in order to attract good luck to yourself, it is not necessary to use general beliefs about lucky or unlucky numbers. At random, you can call on your own lucky combination of numbers - your date of birth.

Mystical numbers also include those numbers that reflect other important dates in your life. This could be the date of a wedding or the birth of a child. When choosing a particular phone number, it is important to remember that the mystical meaning of numbers is, first of all, your own beacon, which allows you not to go astray.

Well, it’s no secret that everyone has their own lucky number. Use it in your phone number so that it brings you even more positive communication with loved ones and family, or success in cooperation with business partners.

What other mystical and scary numbers are there?

Mysticism does not end with the examples given above; their range is more extensive. These include:

  • (801)-820−0263. When the call is made, at first there is silence for several seconds, then a terrible noise is heard, a man’s voice in the background of a chainsaw;
  • 1216−3331−810. First discovered in a club on a flash drive, it puts the subscriber into a state of panic;
  • 0−1-2−3. A pleading female voice is heard on the phone with the phrase: “Help”, which evokes dark thoughts;
  • 0802−311−1999 and 0802−222−5999 from the category of so-called red ones. The response is believed to transmit a powerful dose of electricity, causing heart failure or cerebral hemorrhage, leading to instant death;
  • (303) 309 0004. Those who contact this phone number hear a female voice pronouncing random numbers or unusual instructions. Some people think that this is a puzzle, they even have fun, others imagine dark forces, terrifying and causing panic;
  • 1−900−901, created by a film company for advertising purposes, supposedly belongs to Freddy Krueger, greatly scares people;
  • 207−404−2604, a frightening rustling whisper is heard in the receiver.

People with an unstable nervous system should not answer or return calls from phones of this format. The sounds that can be heard from the tube will have an extremely negative impact on your state of mind and mental health.

10 phone numbers you should never call - watch this video:

Connection and disconnection instructions

Before connecting “My new number” from MTS, you need to make sure that the old SIM card has a positive balance and “Call forwarding” is enabled. If at least one of the conditions is not met, the correct operation of the option is not guaranteed.

Connection order:

  1. Install a new SIM card into your smartphone.
  2. Enter the command *250* [old phone in 10-digit format] #
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