How to disable paid services on Beeline numbers - useful information for subscribers

What is the number 5557 and what services does it provide?

The short number 5557, under an agreement with Beeline, belongs to Mobicon CJSC.
From this number, the user receives SMS messages with links or access codes to various services of the Content Provider. Messages are sent on an ongoing basis and most often incoming SMS are paid.

The number of sites offering their services using this number is quite large, and the topics are varied. These are dating sites, gaming sites, special 18+ sites, entertainment sites, etc.

Most Beeline subscribers, when faced with mailings coming from this number, perceive it extremely negatively, wanting to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Who gets your money

So, it is clear that the user is the loser. In this case, where does the river of benefit flow, i.e. User money? – stated above in general terms. And this, of course, is a simplification that there are only two beneficiaries; in fact, the schemes are many times more complex.

They contain so-called aggregators - wholesale purchasers of short numbers and holders of mutual settlement schemes with telecom operators. The already mentioned content providers are grouped around the aggregators, who own sites where the sale of services is organized and partners who collect and provide the entire scheme with traffic. The setup of this entire cycle of withdrawing subscriber money is being adjusted in such a way that telecom operators, as the last link to the user and payer, remain not guilty from the point of view of the law in most cases when claims are made.

  • How to disable paid services on Beeline?

Simple steps

Disabling Beeline paid services begins with checking the parameters of the current tariff. To refuse options, you need to find out what exactly is connected to the number. You can do this in three ways:

  • Dial *110*09# on your phone. In response to the request, the system sends a message indicating all active options on the current number, including paid subscriptions.
  • Call 0674 09. The system response will be identical; the necessary information will be sent in an SMS notification.
  • Contact technical support. By dialing the single number 0611 and waiting for the consultant to respond, you can get comprehensive information about the tariff.

Important! When contacting technical support in person, the subscriber will need to provide his passport details or code word. The company protects the personal data of users and does not disclose information to third parties.

How to disable services? Using the above methods, subscribers receive information about which options regularly empty their personal account. Once you have the information, you can disable all paid services. This is done like this:

Shutdown. Each Beeline tariff has a convenient tool for setting up and managing the selected communication package. This is the user’s personal page in the system, which is called “Personal Account”. To access this section, you need to log in to the BEELINE website. After entering the login and password in the appropriate fields, the subscriber goes to his personal page. Here in the management section all paid options currently connected will be displayed. You can refuse services by moving the virtual key opposite the option to the “OFF” position.

Megaphone, aggressive marketing

At the first stage, the investigation looked standard: I clicked on the link, got to the site, there was a player, and when I clicked the Play button, money was debited. What is written about in gray on gray, of course, in small print on the website. Voila. Unscrupulous partners of Megafon wrote off the money. Mobile Subscriptions: Some Surprising New Facts

If your mobile Internet is turned off, it still doesn’t mean anything, or how can you protect yourself from debiting your phone balance?

You can go and poke around yourself, everything is in the public domain:!/? tab=0 (be careful with your eyes).

In general, read all the finds, pictures and interesting details about where advertisements that lead to sites of unscrupulous partners come from here.

aggressive marketing.

haha, yes, everything is simpler - you switch to another opsos and at least they will offer a subscriber 2 times less, and at the most you switch to another opsos where at least the Internet works fine and pay less)))

How to check if a number has subscriptions

The surest way to find out why money is being written off is to order details. The easiest way to do this is in your Personal Account on the Beeline website. There you can also check the list of connected services and disable everything that is not needed. If you are the owner of a smartphone or tablet, all these actions are available in the My Beeline mobile application.

The cost structure in your personal account will immediately show you whether there are any charges for subscriptions

You can order account details at Beeline offices and dealer points. Please note that this service is paid and is provided personally to the owner of the SIM card using a passport.

Also, a specialist from the Beeline subscriber service must notify you about the availability of subscriptions on the number, even if you have addressed on another issue.

  • How to find out who a Beeline mobile phone number is registered to?

Important! You can find out the cost of sending SMS by sending a message with the symbol “ ? " It's free!

How to return money from number 5557

If it does happen that an inexplicable loss of money from a mobile account is discovered, you need to try to remember if you received any annoying SMS message from number 5557, for example, with an offer to find out the most accurate weather forecast or check your watch with the London Observatory?

Wasn't the answer "yes" sent to him?

Or maybe, in the heat of Internet surfing, a phone number was entered to obtain a registration code on some little-known but attractive resource?

Services for checking the availability of paid services on the number 5557

In order not to speculate, you need to use the service (and every operator has one) to inform you about the availability of paid services tied to your number, including subscriptions to the number 5557

The most informative is access through the web interface of your personal account, and in the absence of the Internet or the desire to use it, the good old USSD request will help.

Megafon - *583#, Beeline - *110*09#, MTS will inform you about this by command *111*919#, TELE2 - *189#

If the acquired knowledge shows that there are subscriptions, and money is quickly debited from the account because of this, you should not hesitate. Using the same tools, you need to disable the subscription, and the debiting of money will stop.

This is done using your personal account and personal assistance services by calling the support service. The USSD commands indicated here will also allow you to select the desired command - “disable”.

Also, a quick cure for a paid subscription, when the user receives an SMS about activating this service, will be a response message consisting of the word stop (or STOP).

How to prohibit connection of mailing lists on Beeline

You can simply turn off spam with intrusive advertising of mobile services. To preventively establish a ban on receiving commercial offers, you need to block any incoming SMS from short numbers.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Go to the “Services” section in your personal account and activate the “Ban content” option.

  • Call service number 0858 and follow the instructions of the voice assistant. After this, your SIM card will be set to prohibit any mailings from short numbers.

You can also return mailings at any time, as well as connect services you are interested in, using the same methods.


Another way to remove Megafon subscriptions from your phone is to send an SMS to the service number. If you can't access the Internet, this shutdown method is perfect. Just send an SMS with the text “stop” to the toll-free number 5051. In response, you will receive an SMS with a list of paid options connected to your number, as well as instructions on how to disable it. Another way is to send an SMS with the word “stop” to the number from which you received the subscription notification. Usually these are numbers of 4-6 digits. There are many similar numbers, and we will not list them all.

Did you know? In Finland, mobile devices are used for more than just communication. Mobile phone throwing is a real sport there.

Ways to disable Beeline paid services


A specialist will help you find out which service packages were activated. This is the most popular and free way to find out what you were charged for and get rid of unwanted subscriptions. Call 0611 and ask the operator to disable the unnecessary service. The only disadvantage of this method is that it requires a sufficient amount of free time to call support, find the desired voice menu item and explain your problem.

In your Beeline personal account

Here you can independently familiarize yourself with the list of connected services. Go to, register or log in. In the “Services” section you will find a complete list of connected options and can manage them in just a few clicks.

USSD requests

To access service management, dial *111# on your phone. The screen will display information about available services and how to disable them. Each service has its own USSD command for disabling. You can find out the required command on the official website of the Beeline operator. In the table we have provided a list of queries for the most popular options:

In the Beeline mobile application

With this help you can control subscriptions and services and delete unnecessary ones. To do this, download the application to your phone, log in and go to the “Services” section. Previously, using the application, it was possible to manage only services from Beeline, but now it is possible to view and manage the entire list of services provided by content providers (reference and entertainment information, games, ringtones, weather, competitions, etc.). You can get detailed information about subscription:

  • by whom it is provided;
  • connection period;
  • price.

  • How to view SMS messages on Beeline via the Internet?

other methods

You can remove unnecessary services using the SIM menu of your smartphone. This is a menu that is built into the SIM card; it does not require additional installation. With its help, you can find out information about your account status and manage services. To control, you need to select the appropriate menu item and send a request from your phone. In a few seconds you will receive an SMS with detailed instructions.

You can also personally contact the Beeline service office specialists. Explain the problem to them, and they will help you refuse unnecessary services. In the office, you can ask for details of the invoice to find out what service the funds were spent on.


Is there any basis for such claims, strictly speaking? After all, at some point the user voluntarily performed some action that ensured his place as a victim in the chain (relative to the short number 5557). This is precisely the position that telecom operators adhere to when a subscriber, outraged by the loss of money, begins to search for the truth.

And this is called the federal law of July 23, 2013 N 229-FZ “On Amendments to the Federal Law “On Communications”.

In it, Article 2 of the Basic Law is supplemented with subclause 34.1, which defines what “content services” are.

The legislator made this definition as general as possible, practically fitting into it everything that is not the actual connection. Those. if the user using the phone and through the telecom operator’s channels receives, quote,

...reference, entertainment and (or) other additionally paid information...", gets the opportunity "... to participate in voting, games, competitions and similar events...,

Then he, the user, receives a content service. And it, in turn, being provided with the participation of third parties, falls under the addition of paragraph 5 of Article 44 of the Federal Law “On Communications”, which prescribes a mechanism for protecting the consumer by:

Legislation changes quickly, and each situation is individual.

Save your time and money - call professional lawyers, fill out the form or contact the online consultant in the lower right corner.

It's fast and effective, 24/7 and free!

The consultation was useful 303

  • firstly, the possibility of creating, at his request, a separate account to pay only for content services;
  • secondly, the requirement to obtain explicit consent to receive such services;
  • thirdly, about comprehensive information, including prices and names of suppliers, about these services before obtaining consent.

Another addition, established by 229-FZ, to paragraph 5 of Article 54 of the Basic Law, states that services provided in violation of any of the above are not subject to payment. And finally, Article 68 of the main communications law is supplemented by paragraph 8, which directly indicates the operator’s responsibility for the implementation of Article 44 (see above).

Let’s summarize the legislative information, projecting the rights and responsibilities spelled out in it onto the practical side of life.

If the user consciously wants to become a consumer of content services, then you can secure your account for paying for communications by declaring your intention to open a separate content account to cover the costs of mobile subscriptions and SMS from short numbers. If it is exhausted, funds intended for regular conversations and SMS will not be affected.

For telecom operators Beeline and TELE2, this action is automated and is carried out by sending a USSD request, *110*5062# and *160#, respectively. Sets of commands are also provided for replenishment and checking the balance.

Megafon and MTS require a personal appearance at the office and presentation of a passport, and one must understand that regardless of the method of expression of will, the very fact of opening an account confirms voluntary consent to receive content services, and strictly speaking makes it unnecessary to inform about the details (in including price) of the same mobile subscription.

How to disable the Beeline service using commands?

Using special requests, you can disable Mood 2 on Beeline, as well as other paid services. It is better to clarify in advance which options are enabled. Do this in any way convenient for you.

When information about activated paid services is connected, you will be able to figure out which ones you need and which ones you don’t. Most often, subscribers use the following paid options, and commands to disable them are also provided:

  • Caller ID. If you no longer use the service, you can disable it using the command *110*070#.
  • Stay informed on your mobile - you can turn it off by dialing *110*400#.
  • A frequently used answering machine is paid; such a service is deleted using the combination 110*010#.
  • Voicemail (how to listen to voice messages). To disable it, you will need to dial *110*010# on your mobile screen.
  • Hello. The service can be easily deactivated, if the numbers 067409770 are dialed, you will need to press the call key. After that, listen to the voice menu prompts and follow the indicated commands.
  • Active alerts from the Internet. If necessary, you can get rid of them with the command *110*070#.
  • Chameleon (read how to disable it). The *110*20# command will help you disable this unnecessary option.

Next joke

Like any commercial organization, Beeline uses various options to make money. One of the ways is to attract third-party resources by providing short numbers to Beeline affiliates for communicating with network subscribers. One of them is number 5557.


Disabling using the SIM menu

We have reviewed many options for checking and disabling content services. All methods are simple and do not require effort. Use only those services that you need and that you have ordered yourself. We wish you only pleasant communication!

What are subscriptions to jokes from Beeline

All paid services with jokes from Beeline have a perpetual subscription and daily reduce the phone balance by an amount equal to 1.70 rubles. or 3.39 rub. Thus, the minimum monthly costs for entertainment content are 50-100 rubles. At the same time, the provider does not limit the number of subscriptions of the same type, and some users may simultaneously have several services with jokes connected, which further increases the costs of the mobile budget.

Call to a single service number

The service also has its own single service number, which is used exclusively for subscribers using this option. If you want to remove it from the list of connected ones on your tariff, follow these steps:

Useful: How to transfer money from Beeline to MegaFon: 3 ways

Where do content subscriptions with jokes come from?

You should not think that the operator abuses the trust of subscribers and independently connects additional paid services to their numbers. Often subscriptions are fully officially included in a single package with the tariffs, options and services the user needs. Also common is a scheme using , when only part of the joke is available to a person to read. To see the text in full, he presses the “Ok” button, thereby confirming not only his desire to see the end of the funny story, but also his “consent” to subscribe. For the first 7 days it is free, which dulls the user’s vigilance. Then the daily subscription fee begins to be debited.

Of course, this looks like a commercial ploy and a far-sighted calculation that the client will not pay attention to the appearance of third-party services and will not immediately disable them. But still, one should not call these common phenomena an intentional violation of the rights of subscribers. It is the inattention of Beeline users that can be considered the main reason for the long-term use of unnecessary paid content subscriptions with jokes, which also often appear on the phone after visiting entertainment Internet portals.

But whatever the circumstances that influenced the signing of a paid service, you need to know how to quickly and conveniently disable an anecdote from Beeline.


Modern smartphone users practically never part with them. Indeed, you can do something now without much effort and time, using only one phone. To disable the service through the application, do the following:

Disconnection methods

You don’t need to think long about how to unsubscribe from newsletters from infotainment services - everything is done easily, just remember a few simple steps. We will help you with this - we have already compiled detailed instructions that are accessible even to a beginner!

Operator's personal account

The easiest way you can disable the service is through the operator’s personal account. The instructions are very simple:

  • Open the operator’s website and log into your Personal Account;
  • In the menu on the left, click on the “Connected services” section;

  • Then select the “Services” section;

  • In the window that appears, there will be a list of your subscriptions; deactivate the ones you don’t need by moving the indicator to the inactive position.

Don’t forget that any unnecessary options can be disabled in the mobile application. Just open the services section and click on the turn off button next to the extra lines with the names of infotainment services.

Call the number

So, if you really want to disable Beeline infotainment services (all except Chameleon and USSD Push), do the following:

  • Dial 0684211371;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Having completed all the steps correctly, you will receive a response confirming the disconnection

SIM menu

The second option is:

  • Open the SIM menu of your smartphone;
  • Go to the “My Beeline” section;
  • Click on the “Phone Settings” button;
  • Find the line with the name of the service and click on the disable icon.

Disabling USSD Push and Chameleon

Now we’ll tell you how to disable Beeline information messages as part of the “USSD Push” option:

  • As soon as you receive your inbox, look for the “Off” icon in it. ;
  • Or go to the “Info” section and find the list “Service Management”, there is an item that interests you.

As for "Chameleon", the instructions will be as follows:


The Chameleon infotainment service can be disabled using the USSD combination *110*20#. In addition, a button to deactivate it can be found in the list of connected services in the client’s Personal Account. Read more about how to turn off Chameleon on Beeline in another article.

What it is

Let's figure out what kind of services these are, the disabling of which we described above.

  • Beeline infotainment services, what is it? Such services are also called subscriptions - a more common name. Subscriptions are the ability to gain access to any information, content or resource. For example, dating, mobile television, multimedia portal. For the use of such services, the mobile operator (or its partners) charges a daily subscription fee. More details at the link.
  • Beeline autoinformer is a newsletter from a cellular operator. You are notified about promotions, changes in the terms of service, new options and tariff plans. All messages are free
  • Chameleon is an information and entertainment mobile portal where the user receives information in the form of push messages. You've probably received such notifications. The service itself is free, money is charged only for connecting additional paid mailings.

Additionally: write a free message on Beeline.

How to disable

The mobile operator offers entertainment and educational services that can be activated through your personal account or other methods. Among them:

  1. Text content, including funny congratulations, toasts, declarations of love, postcards for any date, jokes on any topic and posters about events in the subscriber’s city.
  2. Voting in television projects.
  3. Interactive radio, including congratulations live or in the form of SMS messages.
  4. Projects from partners. This category includes information with the results of entrance exams to universities, etc.

You can remove unnecessary services on Beeline using different methods. One of the simplest is to delete the account status query in the address book. It looks like a *102# format command. If you do not perform this action, the mailings will be sent to the Beeline user’s phone. You need to replace the asterisk in the request with a hash sign. This manipulation can cause one inconvenience for the subscriber, which is that all notifications about the account status will come in Latin form. But there will be no more messages about the offer to subscribe to unnecessary services.

How to disable Beeline information messages by sending special requests? Before doing this, you need to find out which of them are connected on the subscriber’s phone by sending a short combination of the format *110*09#. In about 15 minutes you will receive a response SMS with information about the activated services. The list below shows the most frequently connected services:

  1. Stay in touch. You can remove such a service by sending the command *110*400#.
  2. Voice mail. You can refuse it by dialing a combination of numbers and symbols *110*010#.
  3. Caller ID. If such a service is no longer needed, you must send a request in the format *110*070#.
  4. Chameleon. By sending the command *110*20# and pressing the call key, you can disable this option from Beeline.
  5. Active alerts from the Internet. To disable them, you should send a request *110*070#.
  6. Hello. It can be deactivated by dialing the numbers 067409770 and pressing the call key. After this, you need to follow the voice menu prompts.
  7. Autoresponder. You can remove such a service from the list of connected ones by pressing a combination of symbols and numbers *110*010#.

The fastest method of getting rid of services that are no longer needed is to call 067410. Following the voice menu prompts, you can deactivate one or more services. After this, an SMS notification will be sent to the subscriber’s phone with information that the existing entertainment services have been deactivated. In addition, you can use a faster method - visit the Beeline service office and ask a consultant to disable unnecessary options. You need to take your passport with you for identification.

You can also resolve this issue by visiting your “Personal Account” on the mobile operator’s website or downloading the “My Beeline” application for your phone or tablet. The subscriber must register and, after receiving the password that will be sent to the smartphone, log in. After this, a convenient and understandable Beeline menu will open, in which you need to select the “My infotainment services” item. A list of connected options will open, after which you need to click on those that should be deactivated. A button will appear that says “Cancel service,” which you should click.

Description, limitations and cost of the service

The “Have a Question” service is activated by sending an SMS with the text “START” or “START” to the number 6444.

By accepting the User Agreement, you accept the condition for the withdrawal of 7 rubles per day from your account in favor of the cellular operator. New subscribers are given 7 free days, after which a subscription fee will be charged. The mobile operator states that Internet traffic is not used.

You can start the round yourself. By sending a message with the number 1, a random player will be invited. If the player's nickname or ID is indicated in the SMS, he will receive a notification. Within 10 minutes, the opponent must agree or reject the invitation.

If you want to start a round with your previous opponent, send an SMS with the number 0 and wait for his decision. You can wait to be challenged. In this case, you need to write a response with the word “YES” if you are ready to participate.

In the game you need to answer 3 questions sent via SMS as soon as possible. They are the same for two duel participants. 5 minutes are given for this. You are asked to choose one option out of 4 offered. If the answer is correct, and the author of the task likes it, then 2.5 rubles will be credited to the game account. The only limitation is that you can withdraw your reward after the free seven-day period. If your answer was the first, bonus points will be awarded, which are added up at the end of the month.

Additional bonuses are awarded for attracting new participants who are not users of this service.

During the game, the participant is given points and assigned titles:

  • schoolboy;
  • student;
  • bachelor;
  • master;
  • graduate student;
  • assistant professor
  • rector

With each new status discovery, more opportunities appear. With high activity, new promotions are opened, such as “Duel 3X3”, “Pig in a Poke”, “Lucky Duel” and others. You can get the highest title after a battle with the Rector. After a victory, the player is assigned a winning title, which must be retained until the end of the month.

How does the subscription work and what is the cost of the service?

Most often, subscription to services of this type occurs virally or due to an error by the user himself, who unknowingly sent a connection request. Unfortunately, many subscribers notice the presence of such subscriptions after significant amounts of money quickly disappear from their accounts.

There are very few people willing to activate this service on their own, but they exist. Therefore, such users need to send an SMS to number 5557 and the service will be activated. The service does not require special activation.

The cost of messages and subscription fees for connected services range from 0 rubles (which is extremely rare) to 30 rubles per day (the most common option).

MEGAFON - how to disable automatic connection of various types of paid services and subscriptions

Just VPN to your home, work, or somewhere else where there is a human wired Internet - and now your number through the opsos does not light up anywhere and nothing sticks to it.
Unfortunately, by the time I received all the information from the operator, an hour passed, plus up to 7 more days to wait for a refund (in total, about 200 rubles were written off from the account in 2 months, while it was just lying on the shelf). I hope my post will save you time and nerves, where is my fire extinguisher?, and you will avoid any showdowns with the operator.

Additional offers on Beeline

Beeline can safely be called one of the leaders in mobile communications in Russia. The operator always pleases its subscribers with favorable terms of tariff packages. In addition to high-quality and inexpensive mobile communication services, the operator offers information and entertainment services. Their job is to inform and entertain customers.

But, often, it turns out that the services provided are absolutely not needed by the subscriber. At the same time, situations arise: they didn’t call or called a little, but the amount for payment is unpleasantly surprising. Services and subscriptions that cause trouble, there is no need for them, should be disabled on Beeline.

Additional services on Beeline

The operator offers various educational and entertainment applications.

  • Text content: jokes on various topics, original toasts, sincere and creative congratulations, declarations of love, information posters, etc.
  • Interactive on the radio: various congratulations in the form of SMS and congratulations on the air.
  • Partnership projects: various types of information. For example, the results of the university entrance campaign.
  • Various voting in TV projects.

When the offer is activated by the subscriber or the operator himself, notifications will be sent to the phone:

  • “Beeline Menu” - approximately once a month with various offers from the operator;
  • “USSD Push” - various kinds of messages about useful services with an offer to use them;
  • “Infostroke” - short SMS with interesting services and information on how to connect them.
  • “Chameleon” - once a day a message arrives on the phone, lingering on the display for one to three minutes.

Everything is interesting and informative. But, often it is absolutely not necessary. If you are not interested in the services, you must disable them.

Disable additional offers on Beeline

You can disable unnecessary subscriptions on Beeline using various methods. But, using them, you must first delete the balance request in the address book (*102#). If you do not perform this manipulation, it will prevent the disabling of mailings. All you need to do is replace the asterisk symbol at the beginning of the query combination with a hash. True, in this case, information about the account status will come in Latin letters, but there will be no more unnecessary messages.

Personal account on Beeline

This issue, like many others, can be resolved using your personal account. You need to log into your personal account on the operator’s website. This is not difficult to do; the whole procedure is accompanied by tips. You just need to click on the “Personal Account” link, then enter your phone number and personal password. If you are logging in for the first time, use the “Remember or get a password” link and then follow the instructions of the site.

After logging into your personal account, a page will appear on the screen, at the bottom of which you need to find a list of connected services. They can be disabled by clicking on certain checkboxes.

Disable via SMS

Before you disable applications, you should find out which ones are connected. The combination *110*09# will help you do this. After sending a request, after a while you will receive an SMS on your phone with a detailed description of all connected services. To get rid of them, you need to dial a set of service SMS. It is different for each offer. *110*400# - this combination will allow you to unsubscribe from “Be aware of Beeline”;

*110*1062# – by typing this combination, you won’t get bored with “Stay informed+ Beeline”;

How to disable all subscriptions yourself

In order to optimize the use of your funds for cellular communications, take advantage of the opportunity to disable all paid operator services. Because, according to feedback from subscribers, Beeline often activates subscriptions without asking the client about their need; in most cases, they are set by default. However, the mobile operator always allows you to manage these options yourself. Therefore, you can easily disable any subscription that is useless to you using one of the methods described below. So, how to disable all subscriptions on Beeline:

  • Dial on your mobile number: 0684006 and make a call. Afterwards you will receive a message with a response that all active options have been deactivated from your package.
  • Contact Beeline technical support by calling 0611 or 0622, then select “zero” and you will be connected to an operator. Find out if you currently have any active applications and ask to cancel if there are any.

In your personal account

As an alternative, use your personal account on the company’s official website: To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the “Login” line, enter your entire phone number.
  2. To receive a password for your personal account, send a request *110*9#. You will receive a response message with a code on your mobile phone.
  3. At the very bottom of the page, find the “Services” line, entering which you will see a complete list of active applications.
  4. Check the “Disable” checkbox next to each enabled service.

Via SMS to short numbers

You will definitely be able to disable subscriptions if you send a message with the text “STOP” to all short numbers from which you receive unwanted information. In response to this, you will immediately receive an SMS notifying you that the service has been deactivated. However, this operation can take a lot of time if you have a lot of such services. Therefore, it is worth using more optimal and faster methods of abandoning one or another paid application, which were described above.

How to disable additional functions in Beeline?

Before disabling such services, you should read the instructions so that no unforeseen situations arise in the future:

  1. Log in to your mobile device's address book.
  2. Remove the 102# combination that is used to request a balance.

If the user does not do this, it will be impossible to disable mailings. If you need to save this contact, you can replace the asterisk in it with a hash. The difference will be that information about the balance will begin to arrive in Latin letters, but the newsletter will no longer be sent.

Go to the Megafon office

For some, contacting the Megafon communications office to disable subscriptions is an inconvenient decision, but there is a category of people who are quite happy with this option. Therefore, it is worth mentioning this simple method. To disable paid subscriptions that you do not need, contact the Megafon salon, and take your passport with you. This procedure will take a few minutes and all problems will be solved.

Now you know every method that allows you to easily control the management of Megafon subscriptions. To prevent the operator from connecting your services without your knowledge in the future, you can use the “stop content” command. This is a free procedure that protects against subscription connections. To do this, dial *105*801#. If you need to disable it, run the command *526*0#.

What should you pay attention to?

If your goal is to disable the Beeline Mood 2 service, then when using your personal account you will need to move the switch. It has two sides - turn it on and off, respectively, you need to move it to turn it off.

The same steps are performed in the mobile application. If necessary, you can activate and deactivate the service using a special command. For each service, the operator has a combination that can be entered.

These are basically all the methods that can be used to disable it. Please also note that any deactivation of paid subscriptions is free.

Call to operator

If for some reason none of the available options is available to you, you can go the proven route. A common way to check subscriptions on Megafon and disable them is to call the operator. To do this, dial 0500 or 88005000500 .

Next, follow the autoinformer's prompts and, after connecting with a specialist, ask to disable the services you do not need. This method is effective, but there is a significant drawback - time.

Waiting for a specialist to respond can take a lot of time, so for busy people, before turning off services on Megafon in this way, it makes sense to consider other options.

How to disable Beeline infotainment services - save money

Modern phones allow you to use a variety of options and learn a lot of new things using applications. That is why many operators offer special services that provide a variety of information and entertainment services and paid subscriptions.

Beeline does not lag behind other operators and also offers a lot of entertainment. But not all subscribers are interested in them, so you may be interested in the question of how to disable Beeline information and entertainment services.

Note! Infotainment services are not just one subscription that can be turned off through different methods. This is the name of the set of services from Beeline. You need to take into account the fact that some options may be enabled without your knowledge. Therefore, it would be a good idea to check the list of connected services. In some cases, it is not as easy to disable paid subscriptions as it might seem at first glance. The easiest way to find out about all your existing subscriptions is to visit your personal account. Link to account

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Personal Area

How to disable entertainment services on Beeline? The easiest way to do this is in the online self-service service – Personal Account.

  • Open the official website of the mobile operator, and then open the link to enter your Personal Account. It's in the upper right corner
  • Log in using your phone number as login

  • In the left menu, find and open the “Connected” section

  • You will see two tabs - “. To disable Beeline infotainment services, we need the latter.

  • A list of subscriptions will open. Select the unnecessary one (or all at once) and deactivate it by sliding the button located opposite to the left
    • Not long ago, it was possible to disable Beeline subscriptions in the “My infotainment services” section. Currently there is no such button.

    • If you go to the catalog of information services, the link to which is in the same section, you can find information about each of the existing subscriptions of this cellular operator

    The mobile application is an analogue of the Personal Account - but in this case it is completely useless to search and try to do the same thing in it. There is no option to deactivate subscriptions in the application. We checked this ourselves.

    Are there paid subscriptions?

    If you plan to disable Beeline paid services, then it is worth finding out whether the number has any paid subscriptions. To do this, you should use the method that is most convenient for you:

    • On the official Beeline website you can go to your personal account. If registration is successful, you just need to log in and select “Show my subscriptions.” Subscriptions you don't need can be disabled directly in your account.
    • The operator also offers to independently disable the Beeline service through a special request 11009#.
    • You can use the service menu; to do this, dial 111#.
    • Disabling paid subscriptions is easily done through the My Beeline application. The main menu displays a list of your connected subscriptions and services you use.

    Disable unnecessary ones

    Here's how to disable paid services on Beeline in Kazakhstan:

    1. Dial *100# and go to the service management menu.
    2. Log in to your personal account on the website or through the application on your smartphone - in this case, just move the “slider” towards disabling the option and it will be deactivated.
    3. Use the SIM card menu - go to the phone settings and find the SIM menu. Inside the section, you can disable all unnecessary options.
    4. Call the Beeline call center at 116 and contact a consultant who will explain step by step how to find out the active options on the tariff. The call is free.


    How to disable Beeline information messages? You need to dial a short number and press the call button. There are several combinations for deactivation, it all depends on what type of auto-information you no longer want to receive:

    • Here's how to turn off Beeline SMS notifications - dial 06740431
    • But here’s how to refuse the auto-informing service on Beeline if such messages arrive after USSD requests (for example, information about package balances after a balance request) - 067405541
    • MMS mailing – 06740451
    • Banning calls from mobile operator employees - 06740491″]
    • Prohibition of sending emails – 06740461

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    How to unsubscribe from additional services in the Megafon communication salon?

    Detailed instructions:

    • Find your nearest Megafon store. You can do this by entering the query “Megafon” in 2GIS, Google Maps, or by visiting the official website and selecting the list of salons at the bottom of the site.
    • Before visiting the salon , prepare the passport of the person to whom the SIM card is registered.
    • Explain to the salon staff the purpose of your visit and ask them to open an additional content account in your name.
    • Make sure that the balance of this account always remains at zero, and then paid subscriptions will no longer be able to siphon funds from it.
    • Help in the salon will be provided to you completely free of charge.

    Why do I receive a lot of spam?

    Most of the SMS mailings on Beeline, and any other operator, occur solely with the consent of the user of the number to receive them. When receiving one or another discount card, we fill out a form where we agree to the use of our data. Yes, some companies directly warn about the possibility of receiving advertising mailings, and even offer to mark the most convenient method of receiving them - via SMS or email.

    Additionally, the operator itself sends advertising mailings. And these are not only individual advertising messages, but also an addition to most information services. Many Beeline subscribers have noticed that even when checking their balance, the text may contain additional advertising information.

    Beeline also sends SMS messages to its customers through additional services, and not always paid ones. The mailing list from Chameleon often looks very annoying. Although this service is free, it is only conditional. By receiving various notifications on your phone screen, you can easily subscribe to a completely unnecessary service, the use of which is paid.

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