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Subscribers of Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region may encounter a planned update of the tariff line, which becomes the reason for the need to re-examine the available offers. The introduction of modern software and technical developments, cost reduction and improvement of existing offers make it possible to increase the competitiveness of Tele 2 in comparison with other operators. Tele2 tariffs in the Irkutsk region in 2021 are aimed not only at providing stable mobile communications, but also access to the Internet.

Working with tariff plans and additional options is done through the use of the updated official website. Here you are invited to find out the latest tariff information in just a few clicks and activate the offer you like. In this material we will additionally consider:

  1. description of current developments from a large telecommunications operator;
  2. solutions for calls and high-speed access to the World Wide Web;
  3. budget and preferential options for pensioners.

Tele2 official website

Tele2 has a multi-page website, divided into categories for your convenience. On the official Tele2 website you can:

  • find out the current tariffs and their cost in your city, connect a tariff solution;
  • select a phone number;
  • submit an application to port a number to a mobile operator;
  • find out about roaming in the country you are going to visit;
  • take part in the “Market” (sell part of the traffic);
  • top up your Tele2 number, connect additional ones, etc.

Archived options

Tele2 tariffs in Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region are presented not only by current offers, but also by plans that have already been archived. However, they still work for subscribers who managed to connect to them in advance, before they were removed from the general network of offers.

Let's discuss them briefly.

  • My Internet: — 349 rub./month; — 200 minutes; — 10 GB;
  • My online + 07.2017: - 649 rub./month; — 700 minutes; — 50 SMS; — 10 GB;
  • My conversation 11.2017: - 200 rubles/month; — 200 minutes; — 50 SMS; — 3 GB;
  • Very black: — 199 RUR/month; — 350 minutes and SMS; — 4 GB;
  • The blackest: - 399 rub./month; — 800 minutes and SMS; - 6 GB;
  • Super black: — 649 RUR/month; — 1200 minutes and SMS; - 8 GB;
  • My online 07.2017: - 399 rub./month; — 400 minutes; — 50 SMS; — 7 GB;
  • Black: — 95 rub./month; — 200 minutes; — 50 SMS; — 5 GB;
  • Black Online: — 299 RUR/month; — 200 minutes; - 10 GB.

Unfortunately, unlimited Internet is not available on any of the tariff plans offered by the operator, but you can change the tariff settings yourself. Below we will discuss how this can be done.

Personal account Tele2 Irkutsk

The mobile operator keeps up with modern trends and technologies, giving its subscribers the opportunity to log in to their personal accounts. Your personal account is available only to existing subscribers of the telecommunications company. To log in, you only need your Tele2 number on hand.

In the personal account, a subscriber can:

  • connect/disconnect services;
  • change the tariff plan;
  • find out the current balance, as well as control the expenditure of money in the account;
  • order account details without contacting the operator’s employees;
  • find out current offers from partners and connect them, etc.

Please note that you can only log in to Tele2 on the operator’s official website. Do not enter personal data on information resources dedicated to the company.

Options for additional Internet

Special Internet offers are available for subscribers living in the Irkutsk region.

  • 25 GB – 450 rub./month. At the same time, unlimited traffic is available at night;
  • 15 GB – 350 rub./month. At the same time, unlimited traffic is available at night;
  • Internet for tablet computer. 10 GB for 350 rub./month. Unlimited social networks and navigation available;
  • 3 GB – 300 rubles per month;
  • 1 GB – 120 rubles per month;
  • Lots of Internet package – 50 rubles per month.

When you connect to the latter service, you are provided with unlimited traffic access to the Internet, without consuming Internet traffic under the main package of the current tariff plan. This service is intended for smartphones and computer tablets.

If the SIM card is used in other devices, as well as when using file sharing services, the mobile Internet speed is reduced to 64 Kbps. When this option is activated, the subscriber cannot distribute his Internet traffic. If the user creates a significant load on the network, the speed may be lower than advertised.

It is worth considering that when activating some Internet packages, the subscriber cannot distribute traffic.

All conditions apply when traveling throughout Russia, with the exception, as always, of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. Special conditions apply in these localities.

The subscription fee is charged at the moment of connection and then exactly one month later. Write-offs are made only if there is a balance in the account. If there is not enough money in the account, then Internet access is temporarily suspended.

Tele2 office addresses in Irkutsk

Tele2 operator offices operate in large and small cities and towns. In the city of Irkutsk , Tele2 offices are located at the following addresses:


  • Russia, Irkutsk, Baikalskaya street, 130/1
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Lenina street, 25
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Deputatskaya street, 6a
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Litvinova street, 17
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Lermontov street, 90/1
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Sverdlova street, 36
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Sergeeva street, 3/5
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Chekhova street, 19
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Volzhskaya street, 15
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Rzhanova street, 164
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Partizanskaya street, 1
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Muravyova street, 17
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Sovetskaya street, 58, bldg. 2
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Tereshkova street, 26
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Tereshkova street, 2B
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Akademicheskaya street, 27
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Baikalskaya street, 250/1
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Baikalskaya street, 265B
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Universitetsky microdistrict, 43
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Pervomaisky microdistrict, Vampilova street, 4A/2
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Yubileiny microdistrict, 19/1
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Rosa Luxemburg street, 217A
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Ryabikova Boulevard, 32G
  • Russia, Irkutsk, Baikalskaya street, 1

At the indicated addresses you can not only receive cellular communication services, but also purchase equipment presented in the office. The assortment may vary from office to office. You are guaranteed to be able to get advice at all points.

Write-off conditions

The subscription fee is charged immediately after connection, and then monthly; If you do not have the required amount of funds on your balance at the time your monthly payment is debited, the basic rates will apply to you (until the account is replenished). You can view them on the operator’s website.

Additionally, look at the article on how to borrow on Tele2 and you will never be left without communication.


In Russian cities, tariff solutions are almost always identical. However, in different cities the cost of the same tariff may differ - these are the technical features of the provision of cellular communication services.

RateOptionsAdditional servicesPrice
  • unlimited on Tele2 Russia
  • 2000 minutes to other numbers in Russia
  • unlimited Internet
  • 500 SMS
  • Unlimited Internet abroad without additional charges
  • The package of minutes is available in 6 European countries
  • Leased line service
1800 rubles/month
My online
  • unlimited on Tele2 Russia
  • 400 minutes to other mobile numbers in your home region
  • 20 GB
  • Telegram and 3 more unlimited messengers
  • VKontakte and 2 more unlimited social networks
400 rubles/month
My online+
  • unlimited on Tele2 Russia
  • 600 minutes to other Russian numbers
  • 30 GB
  • Telegram and 3 more unlimited messengers
  • TikTok and 4 more unlimited social networks
  • The package of minutes is available in 6 European countries
550 rubles/month
My conversation
  • unlimited on Tele2 Russia
  • 200 minutes to other mobile numbers in your home region
  • 7 GB
300 rubles/month
  • unlimited on Tele2 Russia
  • 700 minutes to other Russian numbers
  • 30 GB
  • 100 SMS
  • Unlimited traffic on Twitch
  • Unlimited traffic on YouTube
  • Unlimited traffic on Discord
  • Infinite premium account in Wargaming games
890 rubles/month
Internet for devices
  • unlimited Internet
  • Access for tablets, modems and routers
  • Internet distribution to other devices
1050 rubles/month
Internet of things
  • 30 minutes to other Russian numbers
  • 300 MB
  • 100 SMS
  • Convenient number management
  • Single account for payment of services
  • For smart watches, alarms and other smart devices
100 rubles/month

Each Tele2 subscriber has the opportunity to customize his tariff by setting the desired number of minutes, gigabytes, and traffic in mobile applications.

Internet for devices

This tariff plan is designed specifically for modems and computer tablets. There is no subscription fee, and billing is per second. The cost of calls to any numbers in your region and to Tele2 numbers in neighboring regions is 1.80 rubles. The cost of mobile Internet throughout Russia is 1.80 rubles, but the exception is Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. In these localities, separate conditions for the provision of communication services apply.

In addition, all subscribers on the tariff package in question have a number of other opportunities:

  • The cost of calls to Tele2 numbers throughout the country and to subscribers of other mobile operators is 2 rubles per minute;
  • SMS messages to numbers in your region – 1.80 rubles per piece;
  • SMS messages to all other Russian numbers – 2.50 rubles apiece.

When using the mobile Internet, traffic is rounded up to 150 KB. Tariffing for all long-distance and international calls is per minute.

If you wish, you can connect ready-made Internet traffic packages, in which case the price for services is more attractive:

  • 15 GB – 350 rubles per month;
  • 25 GB – 450 rubles per month;
  • 40 GB – 600 rubles per month.

If the subscriber has not deposited money into the account for 4 months and has not used any paid services at all during this time, then a daily subscription fee of 3 rubles begins to be charged. The debiting ends on the next day, after there is no money left in the account or after the balance is replenished with the required amount.

If there is no money in the subscriber’s account for six months or the balance is zero, then the service agreement is terminated at the subscriber’s initiative. In this case, the telephone number is reissued by the operator and sold again.

The cost of switching to the specified tariff plan is 150 rubles. No fee is charged only if more than a month has passed since the previous tariff change.

Contact the office: when required

Perhaps your issue can be resolved online (via online chat) or by calling the Tele2 hotline. Take advantage of these communication opportunities first. If a visit to the office is required to resolve the issue, a call center employee will notify you. The most common reasons to visit the office are:

  • if necessary, provide passport data (sometimes the operator independently notifies that you need to come to the office for this purpose);
  • purchasing a SIM card along with its registration (but home delivery is possible);
  • purchase of equipment;
  • termination of the contract with the company;
  • to become a corporate client.

Since Tele2 is one of the most high-tech operators, it allows many operations to be performed online.


To change the number of minutes and GB of your packages, use your personal account or call 611.

However, the best way is a USSD code. Enter *630*(minutes)*(gigabytes)#.

You can only choose a larger volume than what is included in your tariff plan. The difference in the amount will be written off immediately, then included in the amount of the monthly withdrawal of money from the balance.

Be careful, previous packages will be reset!

For those who, for some reason, may not use the card for a long time, the following conditions apply: If there is no activity on the SIM card for 180 days, it will be disabled; If you do not use the card for 120 days, you will be charged 3 rubles every day. The debit will stop when the account is replenished or the balance reaches zero.

Tele2 Bratsk Tariffs Valid in 2021

It is worth noting that there is a faster option to change the tariff if you already have a Tele2 SIM card. To do this, you need to perform a specific USSD request. Namely, do the following:

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There are several ways to connect to the tariff plan in question. The most optimal and convenient of them is to use the official website. Especially considering that this is suitable for both potential and current Tele2 customers.

My conversation


  1. Everywhere online
  2. My online+
  3. My online
  4. My conversation
  5. Game
  6. Premium
  7. Light (formerly My Tele2)
  8. Unlimited
  9. Classical

Using the designer on the company’s website allows you to independently choose the best option for calls. So, 500 minutes and 2 GB will cost 380 rubles, and 1000 minutes and 2 GB will cost 680 rubles. per month of use. You can add internet or a subscription to one of the add-ons yourself. services: Yandex, Tele2 TV, Zvooq.


The optimal tariff for all Internet lovers who regularly communicate on social networks, like to watch movies and TV series online, and read e-books. When connected, full unlimited access to the network is activated; the speed does not decrease at night or after a certain number of gigabytes has been exhausted.

The subscription fee is 650 rubles. This price includes:

  • free subscription to Yandex Music (only for the first 30 days, then the subscription will cost 169 rubles per month);
  • 500 minutes for outgoing calls to numbers throughout the country;
  • unlimited within the network;
  • 50 messages.

After reaching limits

Calls to Tele2 numbers will remain unlimited. Outgoing calls to other subscribers in your home region will cost 1.50 rubles, in other settlements - 2 rubles and 50 kopecks. Messages in the Irkutsk region will cost 1.50 rubles, in the Russian Federation - 2 rubles and 50 kopecks.

You can switch to the “Unlimited” tariff plan using the USSD command: *630*15#.


If any difficulties arise while using the services of the Tele2 operator in Bratsk, or you need to find out some information, you can always contact the support service. From a mobile phone into which an active Tele2 SIM card is inserted, you need to dial 611, then either select the section corresponding to your request in the voice menu, or press “0” to contact the operator. From other landline and mobile phones you should dial 88005550611. It is free from any phone number throughout the Russian Federation. Those subscribers who are outside the country while roaming can contact the operator at +7 951 5200611.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the USSD commands of the mobile operator.

USSD commands tele2

Possible options and services

Today, the operator offers additional services and options to make cellular communications more comfortable. Before connecting to any service, we recommend that you look at the offers from different angles and find out all the disadvantages and advantages.

Internet services

Mobile operator clients in Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region can connect to various mobile Internet packages, which provide limits from 1 to 40 GB per month.

The price of the service varies from 100 to 600 rubles per month .

Also, if desired, the client has the opportunity to extend online access when the limit established by the current tariff plan is exhausted. As a result, you can extend the Internet for a day by adding an additional 100 or 500 MB. Or connect 1 or 3 GB of mobile traffic for a month.

The cost of renewing mobile Internet ranges from 12 to 200 rubles per service .


Tele2 roaming abroad is connected to operator users in Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region by default and does not require additional activation. Tariffing is per second, and the cost of one minute of conversation and Internet traffic depends on the country where the subscriber is located.

Cellular service management

Mobile services management includes:

  • call management - conference calls, voice mail, forwarding, etc.;
  • operations with the number - restoring and blocking the SIM card, transferring and changing the number, landline number, or buying a beautiful number and detailing calls in your Tele2 personal account;
  • Tele2 security - blacklist of numbers, hidden number detector and number hiding, antispam and other services;
  • possibilities at zero - promised payment, account replenishment and checking the remaining minutes, help from a friend, beacon, mobile transfer.
  • lists of recreational services: with a free catalog of melodies, subscription verification.

Tele2 Expert

  • social card of a Muscovite;
  • social card of a resident of the Moscow region;
  • military personnel certificate.

Connection restrictions

Help for Tele2 subscribers.

The operator will check the data of the provided document, and if everything is correct, you will be issued a SIM card with the Social tariff.

The described tariff includes a package of three gigabytes, however, if it ends before the end of the billing period, the More service will begin to operate. It adds 500 Megabytes every time the traffic runs out - each connection will cost you 50 rubles. The service can be activated up to twenty times a month - a total of one thousand rubles.

Efficiency of new and old tariffs

For clarity, let’s compare the operator’s archived and current offers. Details in the table below.

Name of the new TPSubscriber pay Number of minutesSMSTraffic volumeOutdatedMonthly feesminutesSMSMobile Internet
My conversation190200504Very black1993503504
My online3994005010The most black3998008006
My online +6497005020Super black649120012008

Analyzing the information presented, we draw the following conclusions:

  1. The pricing policy has remained virtually unchanged.
  2. New products are inferior in size to packages of messages and calls. But they have significant data traffic indicators. The provider compensated for archival contracts by increasing the number of gigabytes. This trend did not just happen. With the development of the World Wide Web, subscribers give preference to communicating online. Major changes are associated with this.

In addition, additions in the form of unlimited access to instant messengers are here to stay.

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