How to send a request to call back on Beeline for free? Features of the “Call Me” service

A message requesting a call back can be sent from the number of any Russian mobile operator. Today we will talk about the “Call me back” option from Beeline. Each telesystem subscriber can send a request to call back to Beeline when there are not enough funds in the account to make a call, and it is not possible to top up the balance in the near future. From the article you will learn how to manage the service, how to send a request to call back, learn about the features of the function, and also learn about an alternative service from Beeline.

As mentioned above, through Beeline, you can send free messages, or as people say, “send beggars.” This service can be very useful in cases where you urgently need to contact someone, but your phone balance is empty.

You can send “beggars” both to network numbers and to any other mobile destinations in Russia. That is. after sending a free “beacon”, they will be able to call you back not only from Beeline, but also from Megafon, Tele2 or MTS.

The service does not need to be specially activated. It will activate independently every time you dial a special digital combination.

This service operates not only in Russia, but also in the vast expanses of the former CIS. The only limitation that applies here is the number of beacons sent. Different regions have their own limit, but the maximum number of sends should not exceed 10.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to throw off a “beggar”, and we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the “Service Management” section.


Beeline is an opportunity to contact another contact even with a zero or negative balance. It allows you to inform a subscriber of any Russian operator that you cannot make a call yourself, but are really looking forward to a return call.

A request to make a call from another subscriber can be sent not only to Beeline numbers. You can send requests to all operators registered in the Russian Federation, as well as to other states. List of countries available for sending a request:

  • Armenia;
  • Georgia;
  • Tajikistan;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Ukraine;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Kyrgyzstan.

The option is available both in the home network and in roaming. The number of requests sent per day should not exceed 10 SMS.

Connection and service management

A Beeline subscriber can send an SMS with a request to call back, regardless of whether he has money in his account or not. Beacons cannot be reset only from blocked numbers.

In order to send a request, you do not need to additionally activate the service, since it is already included in the standard set of any television system tariff plan and is provided free of charge.

If you don’t know how to send a request to call back to Beeline, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the digital combinations that allow you to both send requests to other subscribers and block the reception of such SMS on your phone:

  • *144*recipient’s phone number# – will send the request “Call me back”;
  • *144*0# – this USSD will prohibit the reception of “beacons”;
  • *144*1# – this digital combination removes the ban on receiving messages.

or "Beggar"

So that the client can always stay in touch, he is invited to use, with the help of which any other subscriber can send a message with a request to call back. To throw off “Beggar” from Tele2, you need to perform the following simple sequence of actions:

  • Dial the command *118*subscriber number# on the keyboard of your mobile device, then click on “call”.
  • The number of the called subscriber is indicated in full: 8 – three-digit prefix – seven-digit number.
  • When the sending is completed, the subscriber will immediately receive an SMS message asking them to call back.

Before you can use Tele2 for free, you need to familiarize yourself with the restrictions set by your mobile operator. The maximum permissible number of notifications may vary depending on the region in which the subscriber lives. For most regions, the following condition applies: no more than 60 “Beacons” per month. If the operator’s client exhausts this limit, then each subsequent notification will be paid, with a cost of 50 kopecks. Also, you can send SMS to Tele2 anonymously and completely free, read how exactly to do this here.

If you want to connect to the “My Conversation” tariff, read the instructions on how to do this in our other article.

It’s not at all difficult to control the number of sent beacons - after each sending, a message will appear on the screen with the number of notifications already used for the month.

Any client of a mobile operator can use the service, regardless of their region of residence. A certain number of shipments are provided to each client free of charge each month. A big advantage is the fact that the service works not only within the Tele2 network. If necessary, a message requesting a call back can be sent to subscribers of other Russian operators.

All details of use can be found by calling service number 611.

How to ask to call Beeline back?

As already mentioned, all manipulations can be performed by sending USSD. The digital combination itself is quite simple, but for reliability, you can save it on your phone in the “Contacts” section.

The message itself actually looks like this:

*144*number of the interlocutor who should call you back# and call key. Dial the subscriber's phone number in international format (+7 or +8). For example: *144*+7ХХХХХХХХХХ# and the “Call” key.

After you send the message, the recipient will receive a notification in the format “Waiting for a call and the sender’s phone number.” A notification that the message was sent successfully will appear on your mobile device.

Advice! Despite the fact that you can send “beacons” to any user, it is still more correct to send such requests to friends. Because it is unlikely that any third party will want to call an unfamiliar subscriber.

Additional Information

Everything else worth knowing about this option:

  1. The service is available to customers both when they are in their home region and when roaming. However, if you are traveling, before sending a request to call back, remember whether you have a charge for incoming calls? According to the terms of some Beeline services and tariff plans, incoming tickets when traveling within Russia are free, in this case there will be no problems.
  2. Your request can be received by a subscriber of any Russian cellular network operating within the network, for clients from Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine
  3. The number of “Beacons” per day (from 00:00 to 24:00 Moscow time) cannot be more than 10
  4. Only Russian clients of the yellow-black operator can establish a ban on Mayak reception

Also learn how to talk at someone else's expense and talk to your friend without any problems.

Sending a message from the Beeline website

You can also send a free request from the official website of the Beeline television system. This SMS will not look like this: “Subscriber +ХХХХХХХХХ, asks you to call him back.” Here you are free to write whatever you want. However, your message should not exceed the 140 character limit.

The algorithm for sending SMS through the site is as follows:

  • go to the mobile operator’s page “Sending SMS from the site” and enter the necessary data in the empty fields:
  • recipient's phone number and your phone number;
  • then write your message in the text field;
  • Next, enter the code from the picture to be verified by the “anti-bot” and press the “Submit” button.

Such messages are free and completely unlimited.

In addition, on this website you can order one of the services, within which you can add the required amount of money to your balance. More detailed information about Beeline lending services can be obtained by going to:


Let's talk about the price of this option. Any subscriber of the operator can call back. But be careful, it has become paid. The cost of the request is 3 rubles. The price is presented for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. If you are a resident of another region, then it is better for you to check the price on the official website, what if it turns out to be higher? If anything, write your comments below, we will try to clarify the situation.

For reference: the service was previously completely free provided you were on your home network.

It is very important to consider your location - you cannot go beyond your “home network”.

The cost of an outgoing call will correspond to the rates of the tariff used. The final conclusion is that you can send a call request for 3 rubles per request, no more funds are required. Or maybe you are interested in learning how to connect a trust payment on Beeline, then follow the link.

Features of the service

The “Call Me Back” function from Beeline has a number of advantages, thanks to which it is so popular among telesystem users. The main advantages of the service are:

  • no need to think about how to send SMS, because the USSD request can be saved directly in the phone and used as needed;
  • the command sent from the phone will be delivered to the recipient within a few minutes;
  • You can send up to 10 free messages daily;
  • using requests, you can send “beacons” to international roaming (however, in this case, a monthly fee for an incoming call will be charged);
  • Through the delivery report, you will always be aware of whether your parcel reached the addressee or not.

Other options

In addition to other Russian operators, other Beeline subscribers in CIS countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan can also reset the “Call Me Back” beacon.

In addition, you can send a message to a friend asking for a call both in your home zone and in roaming. However, it must be taken into account that in order to receive a call, the sender’s balance must have enough funds to accept an incoming call, which will be paid in the guest network.

To avoid receiving messages with such requests when it is inconvenient, you can block the receipt of such SMS. To do this, use a short combination - USSD command *144*0#.

But when, on the contrary, it is necessary to allow receiving requests from subscribers asking to call back, use the combination *144*1#.

How to prevent sending a request to call back to your phone

If you are tired of responding to requests from other users and do not want to receive beacons from them, then activate the service blocking. You must enter the coded command using the built-in keyboard *144*0#, be sure to click the outgoing call key. As confirmation, you will receive a notification from Beeline confirming the ban on receiving beacons.

Subsequently, the owner of the SIM card has the opportunity to cancel the ban on SMS with a request to call back, to do this, dial *144*1#.

Reset blocking

If, for some reason, you need to use “Waiting for a call,” then you can cancel the ban on it by running the command *144*1#.

Reference! If your phone does not show a message asking you to call back from another subscriber, then the reason is, if not blocking, then a failure in the settings.

The first problem can be eliminated using our recommendations, which are described above. As for the second, you should contact the mobile operator’s contact center at 0611.

How to set a ban on receiving such messages?

If you don’t want requests to call you back on your mobile phone, you can always set a ban on receiving such SMS on your Beeline number. After setting the restriction, no subscriber will be able to send you a request to call you.

Interestingly, only Beeline clients can set such a ban on their mobile phones. Users of other television systems are forced to accept such messages, whether they want it or not.

To disable the service, use the system command: *144*0#.

If you decide to turn on the service again, use the digital combination *144*1#.

The mobile operator also has such a useful option as “Call at the expense of the interlocutor,” which can also be used with a zero balance.

"Trust payment"

This is an opportunity to receive funds on your balance from the Beeline telecom operator. Funds received in advance are debited from the balance immediately after it is replenished within three days. The main thing is that the top-up amount is greater than the advance amount, otherwise if a zero balance occurs, the number will be blocked until the account is topped up.

To be able to receive money, you need to dial the following USSD command: ✶141# and the call button, the balance will be replenished almost immediately. The amount of possible replenishment is individual for each user, directly depends on monthly expenses and is not possible with regular deposits of less than 50 rubles per month. The maximum you can receive from the operator is 450 rubles, the minimum amount is 50 rubles.

The additional option “Trust payment” is accompanied by some conditions:

  • available only to subscribers who have been using Beeline services for more than 60 days;
  • can only be used once a day;
  • The service is paid - in addition to the advance amount of 15 rubles.

If you are ready for additional expenses, you can set up an automatically available trust payment: *141*11# and call. When the balance amount decreases to 50 rubles, funds will be credited to your account automatically.

As you can see, with a zero balance it is possible to stay in touch always and under any circumstances. Choose a convenient way out of the situation, but it is better to carefully monitor your balance.

Alternative dialing methods with a balance of 0

In addition to messages asking to call back, Beeline offers its subscribers who have run out of funds in their personal account to use other ways to contact loved ones.

One of these ways is to ask to top up your account. To do this, send a request using the command: *143*+7ХХХХХХХХХ#, where the phone number is indicated in international format.

Of course, the command is free and after its execution you will receive a notification on your phone about its execution. This option, like the previous one, can be blocked if necessary using the request *143*0#. To restore its use - *143*1#.

Another alternative to the above. In this case, both interlocutors must be subscribers of the Beeline operator. But compared to “Call me back,” this option has no restrictions on the number of transactions, the main thing is that the called user has funds on his balance.

The option also does not require activation and to use it, when calling, you need to dial the combination 05050 before the number of your interlocutor, which must begin with +7 or 8.

After this, follow the instructions of the answering machine, which will once again remind you of the conditions of the call, namely that the called subscriber will pay for it.

To confirm the call on the phone that is receiving the call, you must press 1 and then the connection will follow.

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