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The largest Russian cellular operators offer their subscribers a variety of new services at very attractive prices to suit any needs. In the current line you can find options for students, retirees, and lovers of generous unlimited. This article will allow you to choose the most current Megafon unlimited tariffs at attractive prices.

Megafon tariffs for 4G modem

Every person wants to get high-speed Internet that can be used without restrictions. After all, many people hang out on the Internet for hours, work, and communicate with friends. Therefore, to get unlimited access to the global network, you need to choose a good service package.

At this stage, the telecommunications company Megafon offers its subscribers an excellent option at a minimal price. Representatives of the organization offer to connect current Megafon tariffs with unlimited internet for a modem not only in the capital and metropolitan region, but also in other regions of Russia.

Base stations, which are located in all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as professional equipment, allow the largest cellular operator to provide high-speed fourth-generation Internet. After purchasing a Megafon SIM card, the user will be able to use the following services for a modem with an unlimited tariff plan:

  • communicate with opponents who are located outside the external region (in another area);
  • play games;
  • listen to your favorite songs, download videos;
  • carry out financial transactions through your personal account;
  • study remotely;
  • watch your favorite movies and more.

Using unlimited Internet traffic for a modem from Megafon is the best alternative solution for people of any category. This type of internet connection is suitable for both home and business. By using this service, the user will be sure that he will receive a good signal and there will be no restrictions when connecting to a mobile device.

This service helps ensure comfortable work. Megafon unlimited router tariff is the cheapest service compared to other offers from various mobile operators. Using a SIM card and a modem, the user can connect to the global network at an affordable price. The attractive cost of a modem TP increases the competitiveness of a telecommunications company.

Cheap Megafon tariffs with unlimited internet for a 4G USB modem:

  • Megafon online 100GB – monthly payment 500 rubles. No subscription fee is required. Subscribers can access the global network without speed limits.
  • Megafon 300GB internet traffic without speed limit. Monthly payment – ​​750 rubles.
  • Megafon unlimited tariff - monthly fee 890 rubles. Users are provided with mobile Internet without restrictions on traffic and speed.
  • Megafon is unlimited with a monthly payment of 700 rubles.
  • Your unlimited for six months - the cost for 6 months is 5,000 rubles.
  • Yours is unlimited for a year. Internet without restrictions for 12 months is provided to subscribers at a price of 9,000 rubles.

You can order Megafon tariffs with unlimited Internet distribution online. SIM cards are delivered to all regions of Russia.

Unlimited – myth or reality?

Many people want to connect to unlimited Internet. But let's be honest - the operator does not provide such offers on an ongoing basis, the company only conducts promotions. The company may end the validity period of special solutions at any time.

What is the reason for the return to the old scheme? The main reason is the desire to get as much money as possible. People are increasingly using other opportunities, so the organization is focusing on income from the mobile Internet.

It is worth noting that MTS is starting to return to unlimited. Companies have been taking tentative steps for a long time. It is clear that operators wanted to make the most of this service to attract customers.

Megafon and other market participants will probably support MTS. But you shouldn’t rely on budget options. If you study the MTS unlimited tariff plan, it becomes clear that in the first stages, organizations will set the maximum price tag. But over time, competition will do its job, and the cost of unlimited access to the World Wide Web will begin to decline. Now, as part of the promotion, Megafon provides unlimited access under the Chat program for 550 rubles, this is the minimum price.

Megafon tariffs for laptop

To obtain Internet access on a laptop, you need to select a basic tariff. That category of people who prefer to use the Internet on a regular basis can take advantage. The cost of this tariff depends on the region in which the subscriber is located. To get full unlimited data without restrictions, you can choose a special tariff with payment for several months in advance. Megafon tariffs with unlimited internet for laptop “For Internet”:

  • 7Gb – cost 450 rubles (every month);
  • 15GB – monthly price 550 rubles;
  • 30GB – monthly payment 900 rubles;
  • 50GB + unlimited communication at night as a gift - cost 1300 rubles (monthly).

Packages without internet

The simplest plan without included traffic is Per Second. It was designed for people who make a minimum number of voice calls and do not need additional services.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Text message – 1.9.
  • Voice calls – 2.9 RUR/min.

Important! When calculating the duration of calls, the number of seconds is taken as the basis. There is no rounding to the nearest minute, which saves money when making calls.

Megafon call rates

Megafon tariffs with unlimited calls in 2021 can be selected depending on your preferences. In the current call line you can find the following:

Subscribers who use the services of this operator can connect to the “No overpayments” tariff plan. Thanks to the special piggy bank option, you can activate saved minutes from the previous billing period. The subscriber can use the mobile network (unused gigabytes, which can be activated after replenishing the balance).

The “No Overpayments” tariff line guarantees protection from unwanted paid options. There are cases when a person watches an advertisement, and a paid subscription is automatically connected for this. Thanks to double protection, the subscriber will be able to avoid unpleasant situations associated with automatic activation of paid subscriptions.

Even if there is a minus balance on the balance, users of the “No overpayments” tariff plan will be able to continue the conversation with their opponent. Additional features of this option include the availability of messenger, Viber, WhatsApp even with a zero balance. Communication via messenger does not consume Internet traffic. Therefore, users can communicate with their friends without unnecessary restrictions.

Subscribers who use the “No overpayments” option can distribute unlimited internet. If necessary, you can connect several devices at once (tablet, laptop, mobile phone). The main thing is that the mobile device supported this function.

Telecommunications company Megafon offers customers free access to television. More than 55 channels are available to subscribers. This line also includes “Premium”. They may offer a gift of 1 or 2 free roaming connections (monthly limit).


This is the best alternative for those who love to communicate via mobile phone with their loved ones. Therefore, this tariff line offers clients:

  • 800 minutes of free minutes for communication with all numbers in all regions of the Russian Federation. This package is provided for local and international calls.
  • Free access to the global network (without restrictions).
  • 300 free SMS messages to all numbers in all regions of Russia.

The expansion of the piggy bank volume in this tariff is provided for up to 3000 minutes. Users can distribute the Internet to other devices. The monthly subscription fee for this tariff is 700 rubles. To activate this service, you will need to dial the following combination: *789*1#.


If the user does not want to make a choice between options, then “All” can be enabled. This option includes:

  • 600 minutes of free conversation to all numbers in Russia;
  • 30GB of Internet traffic;
  • 100 messages.

The monthly fee is 580 rubles. To activate the service, money must be deposited into your account in advance.

Special offers

Another tariff without a subscription fee is “Per Second”. It involves withdrawing money from the account only for the actual use of communication services. The cost of calls in the origin region is 5 kopecks per second. Calls to Megafon to another region will cost 5 rubles. / M, to other phones – 12.5 rubles. / M. Data transfer is charged per megabyte - 9.9 rubles. / 1 MB.

The operator has developed a “Hello” offer for visiting tourists. Calls within the network, traffic on social networks and instant messengers are not limited. For calls and correspondence with subscribers of other companies in Russia and abroad, 30 minutes and SMS are provided. The Internet capacity for visiting various sites and applications is 6 GB. The cost of the offer is 1400 rubles for 2 weeks.


With the “No Overpayments” tariff plan, Megafon subscribers can always be in touch with their loved ones or work colleagues. The cellular company offers several options at affordable prices:

"Warm welcome"

This TP was created specifically for making calls to any numbers in your home region, as well as to the former CIS countries. The cost of a call per minute varies from two to ten rubles. Making local and international calls from 2.5 rubles. Owners of this TP will not have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

"It's simple"

Subscribers can call long-distance numbers. and home region for 3.90 rubles 91 minutes). To make a call to a number in the domestic region, the cost per minute is 1.60 rubles. This is a good option for those who want to regularly monitor their expenses.

Line “Warm welcome”

If the previous proposals were relevant for subscribers who communicate via mobile communications within their own country, then the “Warm Welcome” network was created for international connections. The destinations covered by the tariff are the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Asia.

Tariff "Warm welcome"

The standard offer does not include a mandatory monthly payment. When you make your first call to local numbers, a 10-minute package worth 12 rubles is automatically activated. Only 6 of these volumes can be activated per day. In this case, the connection cost will be 2 rubles. / Min. All calls to long-distance destinations cost 9.9 rubles. / M.

Maximum daily traffic – 500 MB. Delivered in stages of 100 MB. The cost of each package is 12 rubles; if the entire amount is exhausted, access to mobile data is blocked.

Tariff "Warm welcome S"

This is a fundamental modification of the proposal. Monthly payment of 300 rubles, this amount includes:

  • 200 messages to Russia and the CIS;
  • 2 GB of traffic and instant messaging.
  • unlimited within your home network;
  • 300 minutes in the area;

Tariff "Warm welcome M"

Advanced settings. The tariff has no restrictions on the use of social networks and messaging applications. In addition, the subscriber has 15 GB of traffic, 500 minutes to the country’s Megafon and other native numbers, 300 SMS within Russia and the CIS. Subscription fee 500 rub/month.

General Grid Options

When scheduled packages are consumed under "S" and "M" plans, the following rates apply:

  • SMS locally – 1.5 rub. / PC.;
  • messages within the CIS and the Russian Federation – 3 rubles. / PC.
  • communication with subscribers of third-party operators in the region – 2 rubles;

Cost of communication with other countries:

A countryInternational calls, p. / M.
"S""M"“Warm welcome”
South Ossetia23
South Korea
Hong Kong
Tajikistan megaphone32,54
Armenia UCOM
Tajikistan other networks

How to choose, connect and activate a Megafon tariff plan?

Subscribers who use the unlimited tariff of the mobile operator Megafon in all regions of Russia appreciated the positive qualities of this solution:

  • unlimited communication;
  • fixed subscription fee;
  • 4G data transmission;
  • SMS and mms messages without restrictions;
  • free minutes for numbers in your home region.

When choosing a specific tariff plan, you should pay attention to what services your acquaintances, friends, and work colleagues use. Then you need to choose the most profitable option for calls, communication on the Internet, sending SMS messages, etc.

You can connect to a tariff plan from Megafon through the official website. After indicating your phone number in the appropriate box, the subscriber will receive an SMS confirmation within 2 minutes. Another way to switch from one TP to another is being considered - using a personal account. However, to gain access to your personal account, you will need to register on the official Megafon website.

And finally, the last option is to send a text message to the short number 0500948. If none of the above methods help in activating the TP, then you will have to go to the nearest office of the telecommunications company Megafon.

Services and options

The company has additional options for receiving a traffic package on a smartphone and tablet.

7 gigs300 rub
18 gigs450
25 gigs620
30 gigs during the day and unlimited at night720 ₽.

You can also buy additional internet. The operator provides 1 gigabyte for 160 rubles and 5 gigabytes for 260.

In addition, there is a set of solutions for managing your account, calls, making profitable long-distance calls, etc. The list of options is incredibly huge; you better study the available solutions in your personal account and immediately activate the options you are interested in.

Reviews of Megafon unlimited tariffs

In terms of price-quality ratio, the most optimal option is the “Vip” tariff. This line of TP will allow you to always be in touch with your loved ones. If you visit the forums, you can read many reviews about unlimited tariffs from Megafon. Users of new services share their impressions and talk about the benefits of TP. Owners of popular unlimited tariffs can be sure that the cellular company they choose will not let you down. Thanks to the right TP, subscribers will be able to minimize the cost of telephone communication.

For tourists

Hello is provided for guests who are temporarily in the region. This is a simple option with optimal packages for comfortable use. Current conditions:

  • Cost – 700 rubles/two weeks.
  • Calls to Megafon are free.
  • To other numbers – 30 min.
  • Internet – 30 GB.
  • Full access to instant messengers and social networks.
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