Tele2 tariff “Everywhere online” - now in many regions of Russia 

General situation with roaming cancellation

Tele2 roaming in Russia has been canceled - you can easily move around the entire country, communicating using home tariffs. But this is not possible on all tariff plans:

  • If the included package of minutes works throughout Russia, then you won’t notice anything when traveling - calls will be spent from the included package;
  • If the included package of minutes is spent only in your home region, then when traveling it will be spent only on calls in the region where you are located. Calls home will be charged as long distance.

Tariff plans without included minutes work according to the latter principle. At home, calls to another region are charged as long-distance; when traveling, calls within the region where you are are charged as local, and calls to your home region are charged as long-distance.

“Tele2 has not canceled roaming, calls within the country are still expensive” - there are hundreds of such reviews online. People confuse intercity and intranet roaming. Moreover, no one canceled long-distance calls - local calls are paid at one rate, to other regions - at long-distance rates. Free on-net calls also have nothing to do with roaming. If you want to call all over Russia at a single price, choose the appropriate tariff plans.

For example, on the “Classic” tariff, local calls cost 1.2 rubles/min, to Tele2 Russia numbers – 3 rubles/min, to other Russian numbers – 9 rubles/min. The abolition of roaming does not mean that now all calls should cost the same, since intercity remains intercity. But on the “My Conversation” tariff, all calls to numbers in your home and other regions cost the same – 1.95 rubles/min. Moreover, for local calls a package of 250 minutes is provided - when traveling around Russia it is spent according to the region where you are located.

In other words, when traveling around Russia, the home region becomes the region where you are located. And calls to the connection region are charged as intercity.

What's free when traveling around Russia

The latest amendments to the Law “On Communications” state that all incoming calls when traveling in Russia are free. Moreover, it does not matter where they come from - from Russian or international numbers. A similar situation is developing in Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as in regions where the operators used by subscribers do not work - when registering in someone else’s network, all incoming calls remain free.

The situation with mobile Internet when traveling is similar - traffic packages are valid throughout Russia, with the exception of Crimea and Sevastopol. The same applies to tariffs with per-megabyte tariffication, where the cost of traffic remains the same when traveling around the country (except for Crimea and Sevastopol - alternative tariffication applies there).

Minutes available as part of package tariff plans remain free when traveling. Here you need to look at the coverage area of ​​the included packages. For example:

  • on the “My Conversation” tariff, it is valid only in your home region - when traveling, calls within your region will be free.
  • The “My Online” tariff has an all-Russian package of minutes - you can safely call in any direction, be it locally or home.

The list of free calls can include on-net calls at package rates - they are not charged.

The essence of the service

The “My Country” option sets a single cost per minute for calls to all cities in Russia, with the exception of the home zone. This allows you to minimize the cost of long-distance calls to landlines and cell phones, regardless of the distance between subscribers. The company's management, therefore, wants to equalize payments for long-distance calls throughout almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation, regardless of the availability of coverage.

The service operates in all regions except the Moscow and Leningrad regions. When a subscriber leaves his home zone in which it was registered, its operation is suspended. Different regions have different rules for compatibility of tariffs and services. To clarify information about the compatibility of a specific tariff plan in a certain area, you must go to the official website of the Tele2 mobile communications company. You can also get advice by dialing 611.

will help relatives from different regions always stay in touch, be closer, not counting precious minutes of communication. This service will also be appreciated by business travelers and tourists who, when arriving in another region, will be able to buy a local SIM card. Calls are charged per minute and only from 3 seconds of conversation.

Favorable Tele2 tariffs without roaming in Russia

There is no domestic roaming on Tele2 tariff plans. But if we talk about packages of minutes that will work in all Russian regions, we recommend paying attention to the following tariff plans:

  • “Everywhere Online” – 500 minutes within the Russian Federation, unlimited to Tele2 numbers, 50 SMS, 40 GB of Internet, unlimited social networks and instant messengers for 500 rubles/month;
  • “My Online” – 500 minutes within the Russian Federation, intranet unlimited, 15 GB of Internet, unlimited for instant messengers and social networks for 400 rubles/month;
  • “My Online +” – 800 minutes within Russia, intranet unlimited, 30 GB of Internet, unlimited social networks and instant messengers for 700 rubles/month. The tariff is automatically adjusted to the subscriber, adjusting the ratio of traffic and minutes without changing the subscription fee;
  • “Unlimited” – 500 minutes within the Russian Federation, unlimited within the network, unlimited Internet and 50 SMS for 600 rubles/month;
  • “Premium” – 2000 minutes within Russia, unlimited within the Tele2 network throughout the country, 50 GB of Internet and service in the help desk via a dedicated line for 1,500 rubles/month.

Also, the “Premium” tariff is free, within which you can use the included traffic package in popular countries.

How does charging work when traveling outside your home region?

When the client leaves the home zone, the service ceases to operate and the phone automatically goes into roaming. The payment scheme for calls, SMS, MMS, and Internet will be based on the subscriber’s base tariff, as well as on the region in which the client will be located.

Many tariff plans have preferential payment schemes for cellular communications outside the home zone. You can find out about this:

  • by dialing the USSD command *107#;
  • by logging into your personal account on the official Tele2 website.

How to save on calls by changing your tariff

Some tariffs are not intended for traveling within the country - they do not include all-Russian minute packages or are provided with per-minute tariffs. To save on calls, subscribe to one of the above tariff plans. The minimum of them is “My Online” with a subscription fee of 400 rubles/month. It includes 500 minutes within the Russian Federation, which is 16-17 minutes per day. You can also call via instant messengers - the Internet package is valid throughout the country. The same instructions are suitable for subscribers with old tariff plans and expensive tariffs.

Tele2 operator also provided the “Zero Everywhere” option. It reduces the cost of calls when traveling within Russia to 2 rubles/min in all domestic Russian directions. At the same time, the option reduces the cost of sending SMS - 2.5 rubles/piece to any mobile phone in the country. The subscription fee is 3 rubles/day, the first connection is free, each subsequent connection is 30 rubles. The option is incompatible with the Premium tariff and the My Tele2 tariff line.


To make the service as accessible as possible to all of its clients, experts have provided several ways to activate the “My Country” service:

  • on the official site;
  • in the network of Tele2 salons;
  • call 611;
  • dial USSD command *155*61#.

    Useful ussd commands for the My Country service.

When connecting, the cost of the first activation will be immediately debited from your account.

Has roaming been canceled in Crimea?

Current legislation has abolished roaming within Russia. The exceptions are Crimea and Sevastopol, where there are no Russian operators - only local cellular companies operate here. Tele2 subscribers coming to the peninsula are served under the following conditions:

  • Incoming calls are free and unlimited, from any Russian, Crimean and international numbers;
  • Outgoing to any Russian directions – 3 rubles/min;
  • Sending SMS and MMS within Russia – 3 rubles/piece;
  • Mobile Internet – 3 rubles/MB with a charging interval of 50 KB.

To save money in Crimea and Sevastopol, buy a SIM card from one of the local operators or use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Option cost

All payment parameters for the service vary in different regions of Russia:

  • subscription fee from 1.5 to 3 rubles per day;
  • connection from 10 to 30 rubles;
  • calls to the Tele2 network from 1.5 to 3 rubles;
  • calls to numbers of other operators from 2 to 4.5 rubles.

You can clarify the parameters by contacting a consultant at 611, on the official Tele2 website or in mobile phone stores.

Alternative methods of communication

Each cellular network network tries to resolve the issue of its subscriber as soon as possible, therefore it offers several ways to contact technical service staff. The Mobile TeleSystems operator is no exception, and therefore offers the following alternatives:

  1. Personal Area. To do this you need to log in. Enter your phone number as your login and request your password via SMS. In the “Feedback” section, you can send a letter to the call center employee, which is processed immediately.
  2. Smartphone application. This resource offers a real-time chat with a specialist.
  3. The ability to send a message to a technical service specialist through the main page of the site, section “Contacts”.

This list is not closed; you will find more detailed information on the Mobile Tele Systems website.

Rostelecom long-distance tariffs in 2021

The gradual disappearance of national roaming from the services of mobile operators has not led to similar changes in tariff plans for landline devices. This is why users are now forced to look for tariffs for long-distance calls from their Rostelecom home phone.

The telephone company offers customers a number of different tariff plans that have their own distinctive features and characteristics. Therefore, in order to settle on the optimal solution and connect a profitable connection, you need to study each proposal presented and compare the available conditions. Additionally, you should remember about the personal requirements and wishes that the connection must meet.

Connecting and disconnecting

Roaming is the ability to use the resources of other network operators outside your home region. This means always staying in touch, no matter where you are on the planet.

There is no need to specifically enable roaming: the process is activated automatically as soon as you leave your home network.

There are rare exceptions, in which case it is necessary to find the desired network manually. To do this, you need to go to the phone settings, to the “Network” section (the name may vary depending on the brand used) and start a search.

Tariffing of calls, mobile Internet and debiting of funds from the account will occur as usual, only the cost of the services provided will change.

An important tip that will allow you to save money - if you have call forwarding enabled, before leaving, in order to avoid overpayments, it is better to turn it off. This can be easily done by typing the USSD command ##002# .

If you have any questions or problems regarding communication while traveling, there is a special customer service number for calls from abroad - (951) 520 0611 .

You can find out the cost of communication services outside your home region: using a short free command *146#

Returning to your home region, you can disable roaming (if this does not happen automatically) in several ways:

  • Call the operator to a short number 611 .
  • Visiting a communication salon with a passport.
  • Request for a number *125*2# .
  • Working with your personal account on the Tele2 website.
  • Message to number 125 with text 2.

Review of tariff plans for modem and tablet

Tele2 does not provide separate offers for tablets and high-speed modems. If desired, the client can activate one of the above TVs. For MTS the situation is somewhat different:

  • tariff “For tablet” – the ability to choose unlimited in one of the areas of service provision, as well as 10 GB of traffic;
  • “For a laptop” – unlimited access to the Internet at a speed of 4 Mbit/second. Price – 700 rubles per month.

Save on mobile communications

To reduce costs, Tele2 offers to connect one of three possible services.

Zero everywhere

An excellent service for travelers around Russia. Its essence is simple - all incoming calls remain free even outside the home region, and the cost of outgoing calls is 2 rubles.

Anyone can connect the option by typing the USSD command *143*21# .

To turn it off after returning home, use the request *143*20# .

  • Subscription fee of 3 rubles per day.
  • Possibility of connection only at certain tariffs.
  • The preliminary deadline for the provision of services is 09/30/2016.

Internet abroad

An ideal option for those who cannot live a day without checking the news, mail, social networks and more. The service is provided outside Russia on all Tele2 tariffs.

You can connect it by sending a request to *143*31# if you plan to visit the CIS countries and Europe, and *143*41# if you are flying to other countries. Disable the option by dialing *143*30# and *143*40# respectively.

You can see the cost in the photo below.

Conversations without borders

This option only applies to incoming calls abroad. Its essence is as follows: for a subscription fee of 5 rubles per day, all incoming calls will also cost 5 rubles. Agree, this is a very profitable option, especially for those who are in countries of the 2nd and 3rd groups and must pay 35 or 65 rubles for each minute of a call at the regular rate.

Activation of the option is offered upon request to the number *143*1# . To stop using it, dial *143*0# .

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