“Social package” from Beeline - tariff for pensioners 

Date: 02Dec 2020

Author: iMobile

Mobile operator Beeline updated the “Social Package” tariff plan on December 1, 2021. The previous version was archived under the name “Social package archive 12.2020”. It will continue to work under the same conditions, but it will no longer be possible to connect it.

Let's look at the parameters of the new version of the "Social Package" tariff using Moscow and the region as an example, and also compare them with the parameters of the old version.

What is the “Social Package” tariff?

First, let's get acquainted with the terms of the tariff. Every month the subscriber receives:

  • 3 GB of mobile Internet, valid in the home network and when traveling around Russia, with the exception of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.
  • unlimited traffic to Yandex.Maps, Navigator and Google Maps;
  • unlimited traffic to popular instant messengers and Skype;
  • unlimited internet when using government portals (gosuslugi, rostrud, pfrf, etc.)
  • 200 minutes of local calls to any operators and Beeline numbers in Russia;
  • unlimited calls to Beeline - after the end of the 200-minute package;
  • SMS package - 1000 pieces.

After spending the main tariff package, the following prices begin to apply:

  • local calls to any operators - 2.5 rubles/min;
  • long-distance calls to other operators - 15 rubles/min; these calls are not included in the tariff package and are always paid additionally;
  • local SMS over the package - 2.5 rubles. each;
  • Long-distance SMS - 5 rubles. each.

As you can see, the tariff is only suitable for communication in your region; prices for long-distance calls are extremely unprofitable.

The subscription fee for Moscow and the region is 5 rubles. per day. Agree, for 150 rubles a month you can get a tariff with the Internet and 200 minutes of calls - there are no such tariffs on the market anymore, which is why it is called “Social”. And to prevent it from being abused, connection restrictions have been introduced.

Pros and cons of the tariff

Taking another look at the “Social Package” with an open mind, you can note the small packages of Internet and minutes. If not all pensioners need a lot of traffic, then yellow minutes could give them more. For calls, “Social” is beneficial only if you communicate mainly with Beeline subscribers. Also, don’t be too deluded by the huge number of unlimited games. In most free applications, only basic functions are considered unlimited - correspondence and viewing the news feed. Other activities like watching videos and transferring files will consume the Internet package.

However, this tariff may still appeal to many subscribers due to its low monthly fee. Just compare how much a comparable set of services costs from competitors, and you will understand that even taking into account the compromises, Beeline’s “Social Package” is profitable.

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“Social package” - tariff for pensioners

But not only. When it comes to Moscow and the region, the tariff becomes available to three categories of subscribers:

  • social card holders;
  • Muscovite card holders;
  • holders of a resident card of the Moscow region.

To complete the contract, you must come to the office with your passport and supporting document. You won't be able to connect online, but you can deliver a SIM card.

The “Social Package” tariff is also available in regions, each of which sets its own list of supporting documents. For example, in the Republic of Bashkortostan you must provide one of the following:

  • pensioner's ID;
  • certificate of pension assignment;
  • disability certificate;
  • certificate of disability;
  • certificate of a large family;
  • student ID.

Only one subscriber number is connected to one social identity. The operator checks the document data against databases, that is, monitors the legality of connecting the tariff.

The subscription fee for the tariff also varies depending on the region: if in Moscow a day costs 5 rubles, then in Ufa 3.30 rubles, in Khakassia and Norilsk 4 rubles. etc. You can find out more about the cost and list of preferential categories on the official Beeline website by selecting a location.

How to activate the “Social package” tariff

It is possible to switch to the “Social Package” tariff only at the Beeline office. In this case, the future subscriber must present the following documents:

  • passport;
  • one of the types of social cards that he has: Moskvich or cards of the Moscow region.

It is impossible to change the tariff plan that is available to the “Social package”, you can only connect it. This is very inconvenient for those clients who do not want to change their number.

At any time after connection, the operator can check whether this card currently belongs to the client or not. If the information is not confirmed or it turns out that the card details are incorrect, Beeline employees will send a message to the subscriber’s phone asking them to re-submit supporting documents.

If within 3 days after receiving the SMS, the client does not provide the necessary details and social identification, he will be transferred to the “Bi +” tariff. But first they will warn you about such a transfer.

Only one number with the “Social Package” tariff is connected to one social card. If it turns out that several numbers are connected to 1 social identity, then all of them will be transferred to “Bi +”, except for one, which was connected very first.

If the Internet runs out

The operator offers to use the auto speed renewal service and be sure to participate in the “Gigs for Steps”, “Gigs for Brains”, “Gigs for Detox” and “Gigs for Sleep” promotions. All of them allow you to get daily additional traffic if certain conditions are met:

  • “Gigs for steps” - 50 MB for 10 thousand steps daily;
  • “Gigs for Brains” - 50 MB for reading for 30 minutes a day in the Bookmate application;
  • “Detox Gigi” - 50 MB for not using a smartphone for at least 2 hours a day;
  • “Gigs for sleep” - 50 MB for 8 hours of continuous sleep.

In total, you can get up to 200 additional megabytes per day, which can accumulate. This will be very helpful when the tariff only includes 3 GB of Internet.

The “Auto speed renewal” service is included in the package by default, and this is dangerous: every 100 MB above the package costs 52 rubles, and this traffic is spent very quickly. We recommend turning off the auto speed renewal service immediately after receiving the SIM card and using it in forced mode. To disable there is a command *115*230# or a call to the number 0674717780.

How to disable a tariff plan?

A valid SIM card cannot remain without a tariff. Therefore, in order to disable the “Social Package” tariff, the user can change it to another Beeline tariff, temporarily suspend the number or completely disable it.

You can suspend your tariff and avoid being charged a subscription fee by enabling temporary blocking of the number. The temporary blocking period is up to 90 days. You can activate it through your Personal Account or Beeline support service.

If you simply stop using the SIM card and do not top up your account, then 240 days (8 months) after the balance becomes zero, the contract with you will be considered terminated and the number can be transferred to another subscriber.

You can get answers to questions about your tariff plan, how to connect or disconnect it, by calling the help desk at 0611 or 8-800-700-0611.

The tariff includes

By default, the tariff includes the following services:

SMS, mobile Internet, MMS, trust payment (0 rubles per connection); There is a contact - free, auto-renewal of speed.

It is recommended to additionally enable the #can do EVERYTHING option for unlimited access to music and social networks - connection is free, subscription fee is 4.06 rubles. per day. It will allow you to browse the social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without restrictions, listen to music on the VKontakte, Yandex.Music and Zvooq services through official applications. But video files on these networks are not included in the unlimited limit.

Connection option: *115*85#

Shutdown: *115*085#

Advantages and disadvantages

The “Social” package from the Beeline mobile operator has its pros and cons.

Benefits of the package:

  • low monthly fee;
  • reducing the financial burden on citizens in need of social assistance;
  • favorable terms of service;
  • the ability to receive incoming calls after the package expires and there is no money in the account;
  • unlimited navigation and instant messengers.


  • available only to a specified category of citizens;
  • tariff activation takes up to 3 days; a mandatory visit to a mobile phone store is required;
  • unspent package limits expire after the tariff expires;
  • high cost of long-distance calls;
  • daily debiting of the subscription fee.

Despite the existing shortcomings, the “Social” tariff plan allows pensioners, disabled people, and students to significantly save on mobile communications.

Additional services in the tariff

In 2021, this mobile operator launched another new option “#EVERYTHING is possible”. It will allow you to get unlimited Internet for access to music services, as well as social networks.

The service fee is 4 rubles per day .

Important ! It’s very easy to connect “#everything is possible”. You just need to call the toll-free number 0674090885 .

In addition, Beeline subscribers are offered the YouTube Music service. It is free to use for the first six months. Then for every 30 days you will need to pay 169 rubles.

Archived tariffs

The mobile operator also has profitable archived service packages that new subscribers can no longer connect to, but old ones continue to use.


The main advantage of the tariff is the low cost of sending SMS:

  • to subscribers of all Russian operators (in the Moscow region) the first 1000 messages - 0.3 rubles each; from 1001 - 2 rubles/piece;
  • to numbers of international operators - 2 rubles/SMS.

The cost of outgoing MMS is 1.5 rubles/piece. There is no subscription fee for this package.


The subscription fee is charged daily and amounts to 10 (20) rubles.

The package includes 600 minutes and unlimited traffic. The service is beneficial for older people who actively surf the Internet and often communicate via mobile phone.

"Super Unlim"

This tariff is similar to the previous one, but with an increased volume of package services:

  • number of minutes - 1200;
  • SMS - 300;
  • traffic is unlimited.

Accordingly, the monthly fee is higher - 15 (30) rubles/day.

"Zero doubts"

There is no subscription fee for this offer. The user pays for the company’s services provided in the connection region, based on the fact:

  • calls within the Beeline network - 1.93 rubles/minute;
  • to numbers of other Russian operators - 2.68 rubles/minute.

If a client tops up his phone account with 200 rubles at once, he receives the right to communicate free of charge in the region of registration with Beeline subscribers for 14 days.

"Mobile pensioner"

This is a fairly advantageous package that subscribers still use today.

Each user has the opportunity to connect 5 “Favorite numbers” in their region and talk to them at a price of 1.25 rubles per minute.

"Family", "Super Family" and "Super Family Plus"

According to the terms of the packages, mobile Internet is not charged and is distributed to group members at no additional charge. Within the network, all Beeline subscribers communicate for free and without time restrictions, but only in the Russian Federation.

Package differences:

Services"Family""Super Family""Super Family Plus"
Monthly subscription fee, rub.90015002500
Minutes to numbers of other Russian operators, pcs.120030004000
Free SMS within the “home network”, pcs.300
Number of additional numbers that can be connected to the main phone235

Connecting each additional number to a SIM card costs 200 rubles. per month. The service packages include a TV set-top box. For the first 2 tariffs, the provider provides 151 television channels + router for rent for 150 rubles/month. For “Super Family Plus” - 190 channels + 6000 TV series and feature films on IVI.ru + router. Home Internet for all packages is served at a speed of 100 Mb/s.

Tariffs without monthly fee and without Internet

In 2021, the Beeline operator offers its subscribers completely new tariffs, which have no subscription fee and include minor Internet packages - “Per Second” and “Bi+”.


The “Per-Second” tariff includes a package of services, while the billing is per-second and is never rounded up to whole minutes. This is a very budget tariff, since the subscriber pays only for the time actually spent on calls and money is charged only when he makes a call.

Tariff description:

  • Calls to all numbers in your region of residence – 3.21 rubles per minute;
  • If the subscriber changed the tariff more than a month ago, then the transition is free, otherwise you need to pay 200 rubles;
  • Having paid for a standard package of services, a Beeline client gets the opportunity to independently choose a beautiful room.

This economical tariff is ideal for those people who occasionally communicate on the phone and mostly call their interlocutors who live in their home region. The tariff package will be a godsend for those who actually do not use mobile Internet. But if the user needs Internet traffic, he can browse a relatively new line called “Everything.”


The “Bi+” tariff also has no monthly fee. It includes limited packages of minutes and messages. If necessary, you can separately order Internet traffic, since it is not included in the list of services.


  • Payment is charged solely upon use of the services;
  • 100 minutes of intranet calls are provided per day for only 5 rubles;
  • All calls to numbers of other operators and landline phones are charged at 2.7 rubles per minute;
  • There is no daily payment for services;
  • there is an opportunity to choose a beautiful room for free, which is especially important for business people and students;
  • You can switch to a tariff completely free of charge if the previous switch was more than a month ago. Otherwise, you need to pay 200 rubles.

Both presented tariffs can be activated using the Beeline mobile application. In addition, connection is possible through the official website of the Beeline operator, but this requires registration and authorization on the page. If you have time, you can visit any office of the company, but you need to have a passport or other identification document with you.


For using the provider’s services within the framework of this offer, 5 rubles will be debited daily. Service packages will be awarded at the beginning of each calendar month. If the balance does not have the required amount, the subscriber will only be able to receive calls.

Unspent limits are not carried over to the next month. You can control your account status and the number of remaining minutes, SMS and traffic in your account or by sending a code *102#.

Customer Reviews

Gennady : “I live in Moscow, and that’s why I bought such a card from Beeline. It is very profitable, since you have to pay little for it. For me this is the best option so far."

Elena : “Thanks to Beeline for the super offer. When I saw an advertisement about such a tariff, I immediately went to the store and bought a SIM card. After all, it’s impossible to find a TP with a fee of 5 rubles a day.”

Regina : “I had just connected to the tariff when I received a message from Beeline that I needed to bring the documents again. But, I didn’t see the letter on time, and therefore I was automatically switched to “Bi+”.

Beeline tariffs without monthly fee for pensioners

Many older people do not use mobile communications very actively. In this case, even the most favorable tariff with a monthly payment amount for a certain number of minutes can become an excessive expense, since the subscriber will not “pronounce” even the minimum amount of minutes.

In this case, it is advisable to give preference to tariffs that do not require prepayment, in which you pay only for the time you spoke and the gigabytes you used.


Some Beeline tariffs for pensioners without a subscription fee require per-second billing. It is good because it allows you to pay for exactly as many seconds as you spoke. Internet traffic on the Per Second package is quite expensive, so it may not be suitable for those users who occasionally use the Internet.

Monthly fee0
Paid minutes0 (3.21-4.17 rub./min.)
Paid SMS messages0 (2.68-4.23 rub.)
Number of GB0 (RUB 10.9/1 MB)
Extra optionsPer second billing

To change the tariff, go to the page. And then proceed in the same way as in all the cases described above.

What Beeline tariff is the most profitable for pensioners without the Internet?

Almost all packaged subscription solutions from mobile operators require prepayment for a fairly large amount of Internet traffic. If an elderly person does not use the Internet, then such overpayments are excessive.

It makes sense to choose for him Beeline tariffs without Internet for pensioners, which do not provide for prepayment of Internet traffic.


The favorable Beeline tariff for pensioners does not require a monthly subscription fee. You only pay for the mobile services you use. The package is most suitable for those who do not use the Internet, do not call or write SMS every day, do not use instant messengers and mainly receive incoming calls.

Monthly payment0
Prepaid minutes0 (5 rubles/100 minutes daily)
Prepaid SMS0 (2.5-8 r.)
Prepaid traffic0 (7 rub./10 MB)
OtherBeautiful room

Scroll down to the end of the page using the link, select your case (new subscriber or changing the old Beeline tariff), click on the desired button.

How to activate a tariff

It is convenient to connect current tariffs remotely: through your personal account or in the Beeline mobile application. Registration is required in the web account, and the Beeline service must be downloaded and installed on any mobile device. After activating the profile, a person is taken to the main page of the portal. The name of the offer is entered into the search bar. After studying the parameters, press the connection key.

Not all Beeline products are available for online activation. Sometimes the connection can only be arranged at a Beeline branch. Office staff must present your passport.

The entire list of Beeline tariffs with complete information can be found on the provider’s virtual website at beeline.ru. Just enter a question in a search engine and the system will select a list of optimal offers that are available for activation.


After studying customer comments on various specialized sites, we can conclude that this product suits many users. Elderly people with modest incomes speak especially well of it. And those subscribers who want to talk on the phone often and for a long time note that it is not very convenient when package minutes are spent on the numbers of all operators, including Beeline. But after exhausting the minutes and SMS included in the subscription fee, you can call and send messages for free on the provider’s network.

In general, many are satisfied with this tariff plan - for a minimum daily fee all the necessary services and unlimited access to instant messengers and some other services and portals are provided.

Additional Information

When the additional option is activated, users have the opportunity to connect a “Favorite Number” and communicate with it within the Beeline network, send SMS for free and without restrictions.

When choosing a subscriber from another Russian telecom operator, 1000 free minutes are provided. The rest are charged according to the terms of the package.

The additional option “Favorite number” allows you to communicate with this number within the Beeline network for free and without restrictions.

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